Monday, September 30, 2013

Nothing to It!

I was a big Grayson fan when he was going after the Fed/wall street. Then he was unelected. Then he was reelected and is doing some good work, but noticeably not in the area of finance. Hmmn - who was that other guy in NY, the attny general I believe that went after the banksters, had a  "girlfriend problem", now he's on the teevee, I don't watch too much, but I'm guessing he's not dealing with finance either. I guess there wasn't anything to it, but it's better than waking up with a horse head in your bed, hey Robin? and no bankers even went to trial (except some dot-head that was convicted of insider trading by the metadata on his cell phone, musta been a furrin terrist). Hummnahummna; I'm humming so much - I wish I was more flexible.

I'm starting to sound a little like that nut Ron Paul. I must be some kind of conspiracy theorist. Better stick to the important issues like the Mideast and the government shutdown; the ability to conjour trillions of fedbux and give it to your friends couldn't be anything but good if everyone gets health insurance and a free phone, amirite? better stick to the script unless you want to be called a nut and riduculed by New Republic and Senator McCain. These things tend to work themselves out, don't they? Don Quixote, call your office.

Friday, August 30, 2013

It Usually Begins with Moldbug

I’ve been meaning to write something simply outlining my limited understanding of NR in the short period since I discovered that moldbuggery had started to expand exponentially after UR began to sputter when he became a father. I had been quite startled to randomly discover an unexplained reference to the Cathedral and realize that it had actually escaped to the wild and had begun to grow and mutate and seemingly mingle DNA with WN and alt-right. I think the biological equivalent is called a chimera [Journal of Chimerical Theory - recall most mutations do not survive, but I don't think it's too early to say "It lives!"]
I’ve been quite happy swinging casually from link to link but have been looking for a more structured or formal collection of sources as the chrome bookmark system seems to be very rudimentary. I had come across this graphic representation of the antiversity previously, but typically lost the URL to the void, but was fortunate to blunder back to find the author is contemplating just such a structure. It is exciting to watch this develop and I hope that it gains sufficient strength before the townspeople (how I hate them) gather with the torches and pitchforks. Usually by the time I find out about something it’s already passed, but since it’s not really something new but more rediscovered, I’m pitching  something crypto-lovecraftian along the lines of “Arkham Antiversity Journal of Unicameral Theory and Applied Practice with Syllabus of Archaic and Obscure Political Knowledge”. Or if that’s too long, “The New Necronomichronical Review”.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

No Good Deed the young motorcyclist gets to heaven, and St. Peter says "Welcome son, you had a good life and your unfortunate departure has done much good for your brothers and sisters. Your liver was donated to a beloved rock star who could continue to entertain his fans. Your lungs went to a beautiful young girl who remains the delight of her family and will someday do great things. Your kidneys went to a nice granny lady, beloved of her large family and now able to enjoy life without painful and expensive dialysis. Your donations have done much good, and have balanced out your otherwise misspent life and qualified you spend eternity in the joyful presence of the Lord!"

"Far out, man! Who got my heart?"

(awkward silence)

Monday, May 13, 2013

send em a coupla bux awready debunks the lies as soon as they're uttered – that's our job. The War Party is doing its damnedest to drag us into yet another war in the Middle East – but is right there, refuting their war propaganda 24/7. But we can't do it without your help. Please make your tax-deductible donation today.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

From the Vicar of Wakefield

Oliver Goldsmith, Chap. XIX, pg. 197

"The defcription of a perfon difcontented with the prefent government, and apprehenfive of the lofs of our liberties."

"...Liberty, Sir, liberty is the Briton's boast, and by all my coal mines in Cornwall, I reverence its guardians [political publications]."
   "Then it is to be hoped," cried I, "you reverence the king."
   "Yes," returned my entertainer, "when he does what we would have him; but if he goes on as he has done of late, I'll never trouble myself more with his matters. I say nothing. I think only. I could have directed some things better. I don't think there has been a sufficient number of advisors; he should advise with every person willing to give him advice, and then we should have things done in another manner."
   "I wish," cried I, "that such intruding advisers were fixed in the pillory. It should be the duty of honest men to assist the weaker side of our constitution, that sacred power that has for some years been every day declining, and losing its due share of influence in the state. But these ignorants still continue the cry of liberty, and if they have any weight basely throw it into the subsiding scale." 
   "How," cried one of the ladies, "do I live to see one so base, so sordid, as to be an enemy of liberty, and a defender of tyrants? Liberty, that sacred gift of heaven, that glorious privilege of Britons!"
"Can it be possible," cried our entertainer, "that there should be any found at present advocates for slavery? Any who are meanly giving up the privileges of Britons? Can any, Sir, be so abject?"
   "No, sir," replied I, "I am for liberty, that attribute of Gods! Glorious liberty! that theme of modern declamation. I would have all men kings. I would be a king myself We have all naturally an equal right to the throne; we are all originally equal. This is my opinion, and was once the opinion of a set of honest men who were called Levellers. They tried to to erect themselves into a community, where all should be equally free. But, alas! it would never answer; for there were some among them stronger, and some more cunning than others, and these became masters of the rest; for as sure as your groom rides your horses, because he is a cunninger animal than they, so surely will the animal that is cunninger or stronger than he, sit upon his shoulders in turn. Since then it is entailed upon humanity to submit, and some are born to command, and others to obey, the question is, as there must be be tyrants, whether it is better to have them in the same house with us, or in the same village, or still farther off, in the metropolis. Now, Sir, for my own part, as I naturally hate the face of the tyrant, the farther off he is removed from me the better pleased am I. The generality of mankind also are of my way of thinking, and unanimously created one king, whose election at once diminishes the number of tyrants, and puts tyranny at the greatest distance from the greatest number of people.
   Now those who were tyrants themselves before the election of one tyrant, are naturally averse to a power raised over them, and whole weight must ever lean heaviest on the subordinate orders. It is in the interest of the great, therefore, to diminish kingly power as much as possible, because whatever they take from it is naturally restored to themselves; and all they have to do in a state is to undermine a single tyrant, by which they resume their primaeval authority. Now a state may be so constitutionally circumstanced, its laws may be so disposed, and its men of opulence so minded, as all to conspire to carry on this business of undermining monarchy. If the circumstances of the state be such, for instance, as to favor the accumulation of wealth, and make the opulent still more rich, this will encrease their strength and their ambition. But an accumulation of wealth must necessarily be the consequence in a state when more riches flow in from external commerce, than arise from internal industry; for external commerce can only be managed to advantage by the rich, and they have also at the same time all the emoluments arising from internal industry; so that the rich, in such a state, have two sources of wealth, whereas the poor have but one. Thus wealth in all commercial states is found to accumulate, and such have hitherto in time become aristocratical. Besides this, the very laws of a country may contribute to the accumulation of wealth; as when those natural ties that bind the rich and the poor together are broken, and it is ordained that the rich shall only marry among each other; or when the learned are held unqualified to serve their country as counsellors merely from a defect of opulence, and wealth is thus made the object of a wise man's ambition; by these means I say, and such means as these, riches will accumulate. The possessor of accumulated wealth, when furnished with the necessaries and pleasures of life, can employ the superfluity of fortune only in purchasing power. That is differently speaking, in making dependants, in purchasing the liberty of the needy or the venal, of men who are willing to bear the mortification of contiguous tyranny for bread. Thus each very opulent man generally gathers round him a circle of the poorest of the people; and the polity abounding in accumulate wealth, may be compared to a Cartesian system, each orb with a vortex of its own. Those, however, who are willing to move in a great man's vortex, are only such as must be slaves, the rabble of mankind, whose souls and whose education are adapted to servitude, and who know nothing of liberty except the name. But there must still be a large number of the people without the sphere of the opulent man's influence, namely, that order of men which subsists between the very rich and the very rabble; those men who are possest of too large fortunes to submit to the neighboring man in power, and yet are too poor to set up for tyranny themselves. In this middle order of mankind are generally to be found all the arts, wisdom, and virtues of society.  This order alone is known to be the true preserver of freedom, and may be called the People.
   Now it may happen that this middle order of mankind may lose all its influence in a state, and its voice be in a manner drowned in that of the rabble; for if the fortune sufficient for qualifying a person at present to give his voice in state affairs, be ten times less than was judged sufficient upon forming the constitution, it is evident that greater numbers of the rabble will be introduced into the political system, and they ever moving in the vortex of the great, will follow where greatness shall direct. In such a state, therefore, all that the middle order has left, is to preserve the prerogative and privileges of the one principal tyrant with the most sacred circumspection. For he divides the power of the rich, and calls off the great from falling with tenfold weight on the middle order placed beneath them. The middle order may be compared to a town of which the opulent are forming a siege, and which the tyrant is is hastening to relieve. While the besiegers are in dread of the external enemy, it is but natural to offer the townsmen the most specious terms; to flatter them with sounds, and amuse them with privileges: but if they once defeat the tyrant, the walls of the town will be but a small defence to its inhabitants. What they may expect, may be seen by turning our eyes to Holland, Genoa, or Venice, where the laws govern the poor, and the rich govern the law. I am then for, and would die for, monarchy, sacred monarchy; for if there be anything sacred amongst men, it must be the the anointed sovereign of his people, and every diminution of his power in war, or in peace, is an infringement upon the real liberties of the subject. The sounds of liberty, patriotism, and Britons, have already done much, it is to be hoped that the true sons of freedom will prevent their ever doing more. I have known many of those bold champions of liberty in my time, yet do I not remember one that was not in his heart and in his family a tyrant."

Thursday, April 4, 2013

One Ring to Rule Them All

The bionic mosquito takes a very hard-assed approach to banking; Why Not a Free Market in Money?  He argues that all commerce, including banking can be self-regulating based on voluntary agreements "with the requisite condition that members within the society by-and-large respect the non-aggression principle." No regulation necessary. I'm in complete agreement, except I should throw in that it will only happen in the very unlikely event that the present masters of the universe allow it to be taken from their cold, dead hands. Hope in one hand...

I've been puzzled for quite a while about two features of modern banking that don't fit together in any theoretical framework;

first - savings rates have been declining, and until recently (households have been de-leveraging in response to the credit crises) and interest on deposits have been so low there is really no incentive to financial intermediation. Even with extremely low reserve requirements, I don't see how there can be so many small banks, since home loans, after the death of traditional S&L's are usually originated by specialized mortgage bankers and small and medium consumer loans are (I'm guessing here) mostly done on charge cards. So I gather that  retail banks are making their money on large consumer loans such as autos, and lines of credit to small businesses. This is understandable, but where I live in suburban Washington D.C. there seems to be a bank on every corner, most of which no one ever heard of five years ago. It seems to me that this model could only work without real competition, meaning that these banks are essentially franchises of the Fed, a cartel where risk and reward are controlled and averaged out. Anything like a free market would eliminate 90% or more. Scary to the bankers. Almost nobody likes risk if a guaranteed small return is sufficient.

Secondly, credit cards are essentially zero-reserve loans, each purchase is made with "thin air" money up to the individual's credit limit and backed by nothing more than the merchant's trust that VISA will pay. I suppose it's not considered inflationary because much of it is extinguished month to month, but the total amount has got to be huge. I imagine it's close to FRB levels before Permanent QE. [I really should do some research before I post this. I really should floss more often, too]. This does seem very "free market" to me, because there is a circle of anonymous trust between the customer, the vendor and the bank that simply didn't exist with traditional banknotes - checks. It is higher velocity even than cash because of added protection from vendor fraud. I think this is close to free banking except that I strongly suspect it is also cartelized at the top. There was Visa, MC, and American Express which wasn't really credit (payable on receipt) and I think on the way out. A thinly disguised "natural monopoly" due to very high barrier to entry; it would be almost impossible for a new competitor to bootstrap that level of trust, except by an enormous player. I guess will see when "they" decide to let Morgan or Citi do a Lehman in the next crisis and we all get our GS cards, probably RFI implants.   That is a little scary.

Friday, March 29, 2013

MSM - More Tasty, Less Filling, part one

 I was alerted by Mick Perry's reference on Antiwar's column by Nebojsa Malic to his Turkish Cypriot friend's comment on the Cypriot banking scandal.

"Last week my Turkish Cypriot newsagent was scratching his head in bewilderment asking “Don't they realise that they have undermined people's confidence in banks everywhere?”, and this seems to be a universal sentiment."

I've been on track of the dog-that-doesn't-bark in the continuing story, that is, how does the divided nature of the island weigh in one's understanding of the issue, particularly whether the muslim proscription of usury has acted as a firewall on the Turkish Cypriot banking sector?

I haven't been able to find anything substantial beyond two BBC videos on youtube that confirm that Turkish Cypriot banks are doing okay. No in-depth analysis of the history of, or current effects of the war, the on-going division of the island, the British bases, the fact that northern Cyprus is only recognized by Turkey, the puzzling recent rapprochement of Turkey/Israel, the discovery of huge undersea gas fields in the eastern Med, the actions of Russians (who would not mind inheriting the bases, I'm sure), and how these things might affect the civil war in Syria. A whole pack of non-barking dogs seemingly ignored by the media, that make his news dealer as much an expert as anyone.

Ambrose Bierce (I think - too lazy to check) said "War is God's way of teaching Americans geography." although I think we forget faster than we learn.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The External Monkeyshines of the Mindless Scrot

Remember when Jim Carrey was funny? One movie - now he's Barbara Streisand without her winning personality, non-irritating voice and good looks. The liberal jugernaught speeds toward the end of the line.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bill O'Reilley is a Hypocrite

 I really think I'm on to something with my earlier lawyer remark. ["The whole gay marriage thing is just a scam by divorce lawyers to drum up business."] Divorce lawyers have got to be hating the modern life; young people are disinclined to wed and mostly too poor to be worth divorcing and the wealthy are smart enough to get good pre-nups but gay (dudes, I have zero problems with lezzies) divorce is going to be a gold mine - high income and fabulous property combined with plenty of emotionalism (generalize much?) and ego plus some jealousy and rage. Just add alcohol - ka-ching!
I told my wife about this theory, plus why drugs are still illegal, and she asked me if I really thought lawyers had that much power, so I asked her who she thinks writes the laws. To be clear, I'm not against gays or gay marriage, I'm against the government being involved in any way. It's just another example of "fixing" a problem caused by the same people that are now going to solve it.

"it used to be that the fun of being gay was we didn't have to get married, go in the army or have kids." -Dir John Waters

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ah am Not a Libuhtarian

It's an awkward and imprecise label (I wish whoever started it had come up with something less dorky, oh well) that has come to be defined by it's enemies, right and left as an insult meaning someone who lacks compassion, intelligence and/or experience. We're heartless, naive retards, racist anti-semitic male chauvinists that want to starve the poor, kill the environment and let mexicans and rag-heads overrun the country and kill us all, after making everyone download porn and stolen "I.P." and turn their kids into gay junkies that hate Jesus and Israel. Also we're anti-American and against World Peace and support giving crazy people machine guns (domestically) but oppose giving crazy people unlimited money and weapons overseas.

Fake libertarians like Beck and Andrew Sullivan are generally easy to spot because they were neo-cons when it counted and will certainly revert as soon as they start passing water through their bloomers after the next fake scare. I'm inclined to label them Incontinent Conservatives and Opportunistic Barebackers except that juvenile name calling is practically the signature and only anti-libertarian argument. "Did you see the schmuck on that camel?"

 Curiously, this works well for me because if someone says or implies they aren't Libertarian I can, and usually do, (since I'm not a masochist), stop paying attention right there. I also identify as a Constitutional Conservative, but since both the Constitution and "conservatism" are virtually dead, that isn't very useful. I remain a Rothbardian, a Rockwellian and a Paultard. "Randian"? No way, although I wish him and (some) of his allies well. So far...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Once a Big Molicepan

"As RNC reboots, Prince Riebus reaches out to the Ron Paul liberty movement

 This is a pretty amazing headline. After stomping all over the RP movement and doing everything up to and including the destruction of the GOP, now this fucking alien weirdo with the most obviously made up pseudonym in history would like to gain our support to defeat the evil democrat who is just like him in every way (except slightly better tanned). AS IF! How about;

Lucy Van Pelt Promises to let Charlie Brown Kick Ball, "Next Time, For Sure!"

Republicans suck so bad that if Obama doesn't follow through with the gun nonsense and the stupid aggression against Iran, the openly communist of our two communist parties will probably rule for a generation, or at least two months until the wheels come off the economy. The Stupid Party morphs into the Ridiculous Party.

So now, undercover hazbarim Samuel Goldman rises In Defense of Rinsed Prepuce and the "Autopsy" Report, to which I replied;

"Pretty hilarious – these clowns just spent the last year or twenty driving the constitutionalists and their millions of donated dollars out of the party, but they don’t want to alienate their “base”. Can anyone explain why we need two open-border, welfare/warfare, authoritarian busybody parties serving the MIC? Wouldn’t it be easier (and more honest) to quit, go home and get real jobs? Hey, Priepuse, they’re hiring in Williston".

Ron Paul supporters to Prince Riebus - "Suck It Dry!"

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

When God was Younger

Than now, and more impulsive, he created man. Quickly realizing his mistake, but for whatever reason unwilling to just cancel the project, he tried several times to re-boot, with the same crappy results every time; Intellect was unable to compensate for Animal in the human. He had (possibly unintentionally) created more misery than if he had just left them monkeys, because he had assumed that rationality would lead from dignity to nobility, and hadn't yet thought it would be necessary to allow the bastards to actually kill him in order to get the obvious point. (Which they so didn't.)

So, at that point, he took one of his few successful creatures, the wolf, and tweaked it a bit to produce just about every conceivable size and variation of four legs, a tail and mouth that would appeal to the widest possible range of humans, and in the form of puppies, attach themselves to all but the hardest of hearts. The wolf, being of the pack, didn't mind a short life, as it's spirit flowed through the pack like water and wind, so the dog basks in the few days that his beating heart allows him to show foolish humans how to love.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 Shows the Future of the Internet


My comment on the "con"troversy.

An unfortunate instance of cybersquatting gone wrong. You get to keep the IP address, correct? You can see that this further damages Ron's reputation when "they" are doing everything to obliterate his legacy. This has a strong odor of blackmail, also gone wrong, or why is this issue in the public eye?

After the money bombs, a lot of people became alerted to the monetary awards aspects of the revolution. While scaring the crap out of the PTB, it also encouraged a lot of fleas to hop on the hound (cough-Rand-cough). You're not a flea, are you? The retired Ron Paul you want back is over. The newly freed RP is smart, angry, and going to kick more honkey ass than ever.

Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

To see how this ends, go to

[Update 6:20 pm. Can't check my comment on; looks like the entire post was taken down. The comments weren't going their way]

 "The website is back!
   Really, I mean - it's back! After approximately 4 years of the GoDaddy parking page. It's a long        story but suffice to say I am having to clear out a lot of cob webbs and teach myself HTML and CSS again. Forgot how fun it is.
Anyway folks, I'll start putting content up as soon as I can. Thanks for visiting!
Copyright 2012 by Kimberly L. Campbell"

This is a joke, right? I especially love the copyright and TM. Marvelous! Evidently the legal world is immune to irony.

I think the present domain registration system will be reworked when IP is redone, that is soon, as these anomalies become increasingly problematic. In my opinion, there needs to be a parallel structure for routing small files (text and photo, generally), separate from the band-width hogs such as video and (cumulatively, phones), and separate from all the peripheral crap that attaches itself to every page; adsense ad nausea, etc. I think it should (and to a large extent, is now) controllable at the client level, maybe subscriptions to lists that resolve IP addresses at the client and bypass the surveilled sector entirely (preferably running on distributed multiply redundant RF networks).

The one thing I could do to make this post valuable is to go back and track down the unknown article I read about the coming IP lockdown. It scared me enough to not bookmark it. d'oh!

[Update 6:25 - working my way to IP nirvana, I have determined that the net is poised for two major re-engineerings; 128-bit IP addresses and IPv6, and a major tweek to the BGP, which is the subject of the piece I'm still looking for. The broader topic is router hijacking and how (ex. Syria) sections of the net can and have been blacked out. This article explains how the process can be used down to individual addresses. I'm sorry for doing my research backwards, but a fascinating topic that will make a nice post, I think, if I can find the flushugganer article -  a stem of alt-rt maybe..

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Candyman Kant *

The internet can

What can scare you shitless, confirming all your fears;
Immanentize the eschaton after just a few beers?

What can teach you history, show you why that's wrong,
and sell you back your memories for ninety cents per song?

The internet reveals the onion and it's peels,
increasingly mysterious,
'till you're convinced you're delirious,
nobody takes you serious.

Might as well do the dishes.

What can make you angry, puzzled yet convinced,
suspecting that your brain's been washed, awaiting final rinse.

All the stuff that happens as if by accident,
who can say what someone said he thought he knew it meant.

The internet can.
The internet can 'cause it breaks into chunks and makes the world seem screwed.

* "Despite massive intelligence, Immanuel Kant had never married..."

Yeah, despite.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Feel the Mosquito's Itchy Wrath!

The bionic mosquito discusses Fred Foldvary's theories of voluntary societies, leading me to remark* that the ideal of a hotel's providing good  service in order to increase it's income, if expanded to larger and more complex entities (e.g. city states), falls into distinctly Moldbuggian territory, what I vaguely understand to be "formalism", or again to my imperfect understanding, government by the owners. Authority is strong and unambiguous, and courteously administered when appropriate, as between ladies and gentlemen, based on an expressed and mutually agreed to contract from which either party can withdraw. Obviously this is not a new concept, being a huge part of libertarianism, but it underlines the problem with federalism, and dovetails nicely with my own hypothesis that something really bad was released with the reformation.

This is also a nice for for my own theory concerning the 'latinizing" of the US, not so much the immigration aspect but the gradual movement to an almost feudal division of society into two classes, a tiny elite who enjoy liberty and fraternity, and a huge mass who get not much beyond "equality", and both directly supported by the state. In a word, fascism.  Nothing novel, here, either, but the question presents itself. If there is a natural and unyielding tendency in man to follow great leaders, as I strongly suspect, and if this was the best basis for establishing societies, as I strongly fear, are then the only things stopping our enthusiastic participation strong skepticism of human nature (as revealed in most religions) or simple romanticism, which ought to be avoided for practical reasons.

Formalism would seem to be antidote to romantic beliefs in peace, love, and brotherhood, although I myself am very drawn to the idea of a harmonious natural state and would even briefly enjoy the war of all against all to which the natural state seems to devolve, but I can't help thinking we might as well learn to love big brother. Despair is also a romantic notion, as is, (possibly) Authority. In the meantime, follow Epictetus, or make sure you can always afford a good hotel.

* I like the direction the argument takes, toward real privatization (as opposed to fire sales of resources). Other modest institutions suggest themselves, cruise lines, retirement villages,gated communities. Stuff rich people like. I've always regretted not traveling, but it seems as if the third world is coming to us. "We'll ride this out at the Ritz!"

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Unamusing, Off-Topic, Drive-By Comment

on an otherwise great column, on an important subject by Kelly Vlahos at Antiwar.

"All respect to Kelly, but don't be tricked into actually watching the Gauntlet. Clint made several stinkers with his girlfriend at the time, Bugeyes, and one, Josie Wales, was awesome in spite of her presence, but this was beyond excusable - they escape from a house that is completely demolished by small arms fire to the point of collapse because it has a sewer pipe large enough to crawl through that leads and opens into a convenient ravine, he shoots down a chopper with a pistol (Stallone!), and drives a bus through several hundred cops firing automatic weapons but nobody shoots the tires, even accidently.
Do not view, even on a bet, (except for Josie Wales) ANY Sondra Locke film. Fair warning on The Gauntlet; Worst Movie Ever!"

I should restrain my comic book guy alias Jeff Albertson, but she touched a nerve. Locke later sued Eastwood for derailing her career. AS IF... Evidently, she's a Country Singer, now. Imagine a film about a Musical about a song about a career in film and music. Does it never end?

All-time WME is maybe smokey and the bandit II - even dom deluise couldn't save it.
I wonder why those 60's and 70's movie's all suck so bad. They blew the script budget on coke? The writers blew the script budget on coke?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

CIA, cutting losses, to sell NYT to Tony Soprano


Ariana ought to put in a bid. She's on a bit of a roll, and probably has more COH than chump. I heard he was bankrupt. Seriously, how do you come back from real bankrupt? get a loan from the "special" bank that doesn't care about assets or collateral or balance sheets, plus getting to continue to use the shit that you don't  technically own and your hundreds of creditors all say that's ok tony, pay me back when you're flush, and the sluts are pressing in so close you can barely get a hand free to sign more checks with.

 "Hell yeah I can run a money losing propaganda rag. I've known enough MILF to know how to break a old gray lady down like a shotgun. Clean 'er breech to muzzle. Increase circulation british style. They invented class, you know."

Monday, January 21, 2013

When Twitter Met Meatspace

From the Shadow Secretary of State, Michael Scheuer via Lew Rockwell. I'm trying to cut down on re-re-blogging, but this is important,

  • The leaders of Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt were secular dictators. One thing each of these secular leaders did was suppress Islam and persecute, imprison, or kill Muslims who held too closely to their faith, spoke too publicly and vociferously in its support, or opposed by word or deed the un-Islamic actions of their government. It is worth mentioning that each of these leaders was paid handsomely by U.S. and Western governments for the persecution of Islam. Needless to say, when the tyrants departed, the people of each country became much freer to profess, live, and apply their faith. Islam, at last, had become the way.
  • The leaders of Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt were master jailers. Their prisons were full of convicts. There were many common felons and crooks, but there was just as many – if not more – mujahedin fighters, theorists, logisticians, clerics, etc. When the Islamist Spring took down the master jailers, the prisons were opened and the freed Islamist fighters and their supporters returned to local militant groups and traveled far and wide to join al-Qaeda and other such organizations. These men had maintained and probably strengthened their faith while jailed, and they likewise burned to avenge the treatment they had received while incarcerated. Not surprisingly, this result of the Islamist Spring brought mujahedin groups around the world large numbers of experienced, skilled, and angry reinforcements.
  • The leaders of Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt were experts at keeping almost all weaponry under their governments’ control, just as President Obama seeks to do in the United States. At the time of the Islamist Spring, the militaries of Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt were exceptionally well-armed with up-to-date weaponry, and their many arsenals – like those of Sadam Hussein in 2003 – were stuffed to overflowing with reserve weapons and ammunition. When the tyrants fell, each country’s internal-security apparatus naturally disintegrated and the arsenals were thoroughly looted by Islamists who ferried away massive amounts of modern arms and munitions for safe keeping in rural areas or in remote regions of nearby countries. Thus the Islamist Spring yielded an international mujahedin force better armed than at anytime since its inception in the 1980s.

and delicious for the end-zone antics:

"I draw attention to myself on this occasion because I know that I am far from the brightest bulb in the shed. In their periodic efforts to get me fired from Georgetown University, in fact, my detractors among pro-Israel U.S. citizens tell the Georgetown deans that not only am I an anti-Semite but the school where I earned my Ph. D. – the University of Manitoba in Canada – is a "diploma mill" and that I am therefore unqualified to teach at the graduate level. Though, of course, I disagree with this conclusion and their slander of fine university, let us suppose that they are correct and that I am a bear of little or even almost no brain. How then could I have been so right about the Islamist Spring and the disasters it would cause, while Mrs. Clinton (Yale); Senator McCain (U.S. Naval Academy); Prime Minister Cameron (Oxford); Susan Rice (Stanford, Oxford), and President Obama (Harvard and Columbia) could be so nearly 100-percent wrong?"

 I took one undergraduate course in International Law and almost failed that, and yet I share Michael's overwhelming record of accurate predictions compared to our "exquisitely educated betters and their media acolytes". It is of only minor psychological interest whether they believe their own lies. For the most part, they know exactly what they are doing and the results are fully foreseeable and intended. It is Arson on a tremendous scale, and not a backfire to burn itself out, but meant to spread to Africa and beyond, with the end to eliminate any "inconvenient" (not suitable for tax-farming) populations. It seems impossible to stop without Divine interference, and it's my understanding He tried a couple of times already without much immediate result. All we can do is hope we're out of the tent when the clowns burn the whole circus down.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

You Know What Would Be Awesome

My opinions of most politicians are greatly influenced by the opinions of their enemies. The only positive opinions I have of Obama result from the enmity of the Warfare crowd. I had expected him to be more subservient, but the mere fact that he may not be dependable in the quest for expansion of the empire, although a pretty low bar, is adequate.

So/but now he's recommending "common sense" (Is that back in style?) need for more "background checks" on gun-buyers. I hope they want to see everyone's "long form" birth certificate. Works well for driver's licenses, green cards and SS, too!

Now that the French are returning to their proper role as colonial world revolutionaries bringing civilization to the unenlightened, instead of the other-way-around for a change, "we" can start concentrating on domestic problems. With any luck the economy will implode again when the decreased sales in small arms and ammo kicks the GDP negative. Hopefully, Obama will have his hands full sending out SNAP cards and housing vouchers when there are no more producers and nothing more to tax. "Over-reach" is in the democrats' DNA, just as "Underwhelm" is surely in the republicans'. Something went dreadfully wrong in England about 500 years ago, I, and others more erudite and articulate, suspect.