Monday, September 29, 2008

A Republic, If you Can Get it Back

Well - blogging again, or at least making my comments on other threads into blog posts. I'm surprised no one thought of that before.
I basically threw in the towel after the way Ron Paul was treated in the primaries, but since then the economy has gotten so bollixed up in just the way he predicted, that today's defeat of the Big Bailout has given me a ray of hope, even though I know the attack will recommence at dawn; or as I said to the hapless "lester" over at Taki's - (quoting myself [the sound of one hand jerking]...

"Never fear, Lester; your billionaire buds won’t give up that easily. The only reason they lost this round is because of the upcoming elections after which you can be sure they’ll “get ‘er done”. I’m truly sorry for your stock losses, but President Yomama is just going to capital gains tax you back to zero anyway. I would recommend buying gold, but that would be “donkey business”. For the remnant, I strongly suggest that when the tally becomes available, printing out the list of yeas and bringing it along when voting. This wound in our backs is not going to heal as long as the knife keeps going in."

I'm going to actually do a little research on this matter and see if I can find the corresponding Senate vote on this. I'm not sure if it's actually come up in the Senate yet, although I should know, after majoring in PoliSci and all, but unfortunately the only thing I took away from my classes in legislative procedure is that it's intentionally opaque to keep the unwashed in the dark; in fact, being unwashed in the dark pretty much describes my undergraduate years, now that I recall. Anyway, I'm interested to know how Senator Webb voted, since I made a point of voting for him in the primary and general elections. I never expected much of him as a Dem, anyway, but that's the good thing about being a pessimist; any surprise is got to be good, and besides, I feel pretty much the same about Repubs now. The fact is, most of those on the the nay list should be voted out anyway, because of the Iraq thing, but that's unfortunately become ancient history, and we need to focus on this bailout because after the election begins round two.

BTW; what a surprise to see my Rep., Tom Davis, on the rat list. A final FY to cap his career of phony Republican, big government arselicher. (He had already decided not to run - the Republican brand had “lost it’s shelf appeal” or some such bs). Now he can take his congressional pension and go back to destroying the country as a full time private sector defense contractor lawyer and part-time homewrecker. God I hate that guy.