Saturday, October 3, 2015

Power Despises a Vacuum

Ron Unz suggests intelligent people might prefer a better sort of despot, if we absolutely have to have one, and I consider the chaos of our Anarcho-tyranny effectively despotic.
Well, for years I’ve been telling people we should consider the approach taken in some European countries a few hundred years ago…
When a country was sufficiently badly managed, it would sometimes invite some foreign leader to come and assume power in order to set matters right.
It seems to me that although the American people are generally pretty good, our ruling elites are absolutely dreadful, possibly among the worst in the world. So I think we’ve certainly reached the point at which a delegation of American notables should consider traveling to Moscow and offering the American throne to Putin, suggesting that he establish a new Dual Monarchy, or perhaps a slightly different version of Jerry Pournelle’s old Co-Dominion.
Furthermore, given our own serious national infestation of worthless Oligarchs, his selection would be particularly apt, given his long and successful past experience in dealing with such greedy and troublesome individuals. Indeed, I suspect that the vast majority take flight from our shores even as Vladimir I was making his triumphal entrance into DC, much like rats immediately flee at the faintest whiff of “cat”…