Saturday, November 27, 2010

Displayin' Around

I was trying to figure what, if anything, the Stats on Blogger could tell me, and the only data that seemed significant (besides the fact that most of my hits were my own; like looking in the toilet before flushing, I guess) was that most of the hits were referred from So I went there and it's russian only which sent me searching for a translater, and eventually to google translate, which is frickin' amazing, and where I've wasted many hours since, but still don't know what is, other than a russian AOL or the like.

In the event, I noticed that some of the russian pages offered google translation, so I translated this page at random, just playing around (bolshoi brat; I love it!) and just skimming it, saw "Yandex", which I had recently searched for... the hairs on my neck literally pricked up!

"Nothing prevents also recognize all conversations and save them in text form, and then search for keywords like "Yandex" searches on the Internet. Intelligence services are able to fully control what you say. And since the recorded conversations of everyone, you can quickly compare the texts of calls different people to find out with whom you spoke. So we can calculate all the people with whom you were talking ever (not just on the phone)"

Even creepier, I couldn't get a translation of the word, yandex, in english, so I'm assuming it means "nothing to see here, keep moving". Think I'll go unplug my router, now. Just kidding. I like paranoia; it feels sort of like bad coke. Naturally, skimming the rest of the page are references to the joos, I'm seriously wondering if anti-semitism makes one nuts, or vice-versa.

Либертарианская Ненависть - Яша и Марк форме кругового расстрел.

Я долго вентилятора изгнании времени, и было интересно, о своей политике, так как они были изгнаны из России для принятия по РТВ (между прочим,-торговый гигант Вайнер на картину Путина.) Они были явно сумасшедший / храбрых в этой среде, и очень хорошо на раскрытие безудержной коррупции в USSA, см. ESP. работы Левина по Калифорнии Совет по воде, но они, и левые вообще, кажется, не видеть, что плутократов работы своих злых только через наш гигант и коррумпированными правительствами.

Можно лишь предположить, их ненависть к либертарианцы связано с стойких заблуждений, что правительство может быть приручены, чтобы служить "народу" и наивная вера в добро общественного сектора профсоюзов. Их ненависть к ТП крайней поскольку считают TPers как класс предателей и обманутых богатых, а не рациональные субъекты, постоянно обливали от политического класса, и обе стороны. Они вернулись из России в время выполнения, основы Америка от нежити Рейгана, которые могут быть сохранены на праведных людей применение силы к рычагам гражданских добродетелей. Они думают, что мы хотим приватизации АСП, как если бы неконституционным учреждений будет лучше работать на почту, а не возчиков, и они думают, что мы наивно.

Вот мой комментарий в изгнании (ожидает модерации!)"Ваш комментарий ожидает модерации.
Это (Рон Пол любящий, анти-Кох, малых L) либертарианской, долгое время изгнании вентилятор все еще любит тебя. Я никогда не понимал, как можно НЕ либертарианской, особенно после того, как вы лечились russkies, но я просто понял, перегруженных политическом плане неизбежно означать разные вещи для разных людей.все ...Несколько раз вы укуса медведя, а иногда медведь кусает вас.
Fight The Power! ".

[Just some fun with Google Translate, which is amazing]

Friday, November 26, 2010

Libtard Hatred - Yasha and Mark in Circular Firing Squad

I'm a long time eXile fan, and have been wondering about their politics since they were forced out of Russia for taking on the PTB (among other things, -shopping a giant weiner onto a picture of Putin.) They were obviously crazy/brave in that environment, and are very good at uncovering the rampant corruption in the USSA, see esp. Levine's work on the California Water Board, but they, and the left in general don't seem to see that the plutocrats work their evil only through our giant and corrupt governments. 

I can only assume their hatred of libertarians is due to the persistent delusion that government can be tamed to serve "the people" and a naive belief in the goodness of public sector unionism. Their hatred of the TP is extreme because they regard the TPers as class traitors and dupes of the wealthy, rather than rational actors that have been consistently hosed by the political class and both parties. They returned from Russia to a time-warp Amerika run by the undead Reagan that can be saved by the righteous application of people-power to levers of civic virtue. They think we want the privatization of the TSA, as if unconstitutional institutions would be better run by the post office instead of the Teamsters, and they think we're naive. 

Here's my comment at the eXiled (awaiting moderation!) 
"Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

This (Ron Paul loving, anti-Koch, small-l) libertarian, long-time Exile fan still loves you. I never understood how you can NOT be libertarian, especially after how you were treated by the russkies, but I just figured overloaded political terms are bound to mean different things to different people. 
Some times you bite the bear, sometimes the bear bites you. 

Fight the Power!"