Thursday, June 16, 2011

Последний шанс для Путина, чтобы показать мировому лидерству

"Last chance for Putin to show Global leadership" ...and Obama, but I doubt that he can or will.

I've been a "fan" of Louis Farrakhan for a long time, (even though I'm a lifetime cynic, atheist, and unbeliever, sorry to say) but this clip of his recent press conference almost had me on my knees to Mecca. If you strip out the overtly religious elements of his speech and merely focus on the factual and historical elements, this is just astounding, especially his mentioning of Quadaffy's gold and plans to back a gold dinar system for oil sales, which I'm convinced is the real reason behind the NATO attacks. Every word rings true, although I don't really know if Quadaffy has been an unalloyed blessing to all Libyans (how would I, since I rarely leave my basement anymore). I do know the UN is a farce, NATO is tool of American greed, Hillary is an evil witch and Obama is a sock puppet for Wall Street.

"Farrakhan said Russia and China could still redeem themselves by bringing the matter back to the Security Council to halt the NATO action.

He lambasted US President Obama, who he said is "surrounded by people who are Zionist-controlled or Zionist." He also criticised what he called the "arrogance" of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for "telling Africans what to do with Africa" when she met with regional leaders this week in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and urged Al Qathafi's few remaining allies to sever ties with him."

The clip is almost 90 minutes, but I highly recommend watching the whole thing, and, if you can, pass the link on to Vlad.

 "Help us Obi-Wan..."