Monday, September 30, 2013

Nothing to It!

I was a big Grayson fan when he was going after the Fed/wall street. Then he was unelected. Then he was reelected and is doing some good work, but noticeably not in the area of finance. Hmmn - who was that other guy in NY, the attny general I believe that went after the banksters, had a  "girlfriend problem", now he's on the teevee, I don't watch too much, but I'm guessing he's not dealing with finance either. I guess there wasn't anything to it, but it's better than waking up with a horse head in your bed, hey Robin? and no bankers even went to trial (except some dot-head that was convicted of insider trading by the metadata on his cell phone, musta been a furrin terrist). Hummnahummna; I'm humming so much - I wish I was more flexible.

I'm starting to sound a little like that nut Ron Paul. I must be some kind of conspiracy theorist. Better stick to the important issues like the Mideast and the government shutdown; the ability to conjour trillions of fedbux and give it to your friends couldn't be anything but good if everyone gets health insurance and a free phone, amirite? better stick to the script unless you want to be called a nut and riduculed by New Republic and Senator McCain. These things tend to work themselves out, don't they? Don Quixote, call your office.