Friday, November 28, 2014


The unreality of the "news" surrounding the shootdown of the Malaysian plane over Ukraine almost shut down my cognitive ability to deal. I'd long been aware of the episodic and random nature of what was thrown up for public discussion; which topics were promoted or dropped, which were simply ignored. It never made sense, and the internet essentially exposed this manipulation, and increasingly in near real-time, as throughout the entire Ukraine operation; every explanation and claim was almost immediately countered with factual or at least plausible counter-propaganda, much of it speculative and crowd-sourced. I consider this crowd sourcing, such as on zerohedge and especially the saker blog, to be very valuable to the individual who wants to understand the nature of these operations clearly. Serbia, Ukraine (twice), Georgia, Afganistan, Iraq(thrice!), Libya, Egypt (who even knows?), plus many smaller too numerous to name. A pattern emerges...

I watched the whole latest Ukrainian farce, closely, and the pattern was proved to my satisfaction, but if you didn't watch closely, it just disappeared virtually overnight, in my opinion, a "tell" of historic proportions, and proof that neocons never lose because they never bet their own chips. It's just that simple. Why it isn't obvious to even the most casual observer may never be understood by me; it's above my pay grade. I do think I can very well parse through the obvious spin from all sides to determine that as to both facts and plausible conjecture obviated by the fog of war. The Russians were and are superior, but even if nudelman and co. weren't stupid and clumsy liars that couldn't match Al Sharpton for finesse, I would have to still admire Putin's check, because I hope for the mate, because I want "us" to lose. Lose the neocons, that is. Their defeat will be America's victory, or at least a chance that there will be an America as we would prefer to think of it.

So it comes as a great ray (a sting ray, I hope) of sunshine to discover that Russians, too, are learning about central banks and their clown show. They are already familiar with the IMF, Goldman, SWIFT etc., so I hope they give their bank the heave-ho. Wait 'till they find out about the BIS, lol. Can a Russian Mises Institute be far behind?

And bolshoi thanks to the Saker. Hit after hit below the water line. Not bad for a   submarine in the desert.

 "Stand by the aft tubes!"