Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wimmins Studies

The web has been helpful in my understanding of the ladies.

I previously thought that they were vain shallow argumentative drama queens that can never be happy because they would lose the valuable self-pity that powers their existence, but I now know that it's really because men don't "get it".

I'm thinking there might be an evolutionary perspective. Cave women developed personalities that would make going out in the cold and rain barefoot to kill mammoths and saber-tooths with pointy sticks seem relatively pleasant. Their genes were passed along to the offspring, along with those of the sneaky wieners who got back to the cave before the hunters returned. So modern humans are the product of generations of the unbearable mating with the unconscionable.

My other theory is they're putting something powerful in makeup and/or shoes that give the illusion of great beauty and sophistication followed by sadness and confusion and sense of the lost eden.

they trippin, boo!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm really impressed with the Unz Review; pretty cool that he's publishing Cockburn, Shamir and others from the "left". I used to slum at CounterPunch a lot to see what the "other side" was up to, and darned if they didn't almost re-convert me to progressivism. [I tend to be squishy in my convictions when presented by good arguments. human frailty.] I'm really hoping, but not hopeful, that a majority can get beyond this false right/left division. It would seem that divide_and_conquer* is the oldest and most effective political technique. It really seems like the work of the devil, except that would imply the existence of god, and I'm still not ready to go there. The only thing I can conclude is that humans are just slightly more attractive baboons with free will. no devil; it is we who suck. evidently.

We need to constantly talk about what economists call the opportunity costs of imperialism and war, what we could have purchased instead of destruction and misery. This is almost never mentioned directly; we say we will bear any burden and pay any price, but we don't share equally. I forget who spoke of "the forgotten man" but he's always there just offstage. Who, whom, as they say. Americans have been lucky to avoid karma. So far...

*"And if you think you can tailor your work to fit the “general culture,” there’s no such thing left to appeal to. As Bernstein says, “Books are following the general trend of other types of media; audiences are shunted into silos where they basically don’t see content that is meant for a different demographic. Liberals and conservatives don’t see the same news, or read the same books; Millennials and Boomers don’t watch the same TV shows, or even the same channels; black audiences and white audiences don’t even go to see the same movies. … There is no longer a common shared language through which we can all talk about American culture. It makes understanding between groups very difficult.”

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

King Charles Acceptance Speech

    Many have closely observed Our entire life, and how its large and small dramas have played out, completely in public view, as a creature in a zoo, and may well consider me a bit of a pip, and rightly consider a powerless monarch to be a pip. Very well, but We have also been watching you. Not as closely, as that would be undignified, but in huge numbers and aggregates of loose sheep, dogs, and wolves, but less noble. A great noisy clown college at pledge week, a drunken country fair with a sleeping sheriff and everyone clamoring for more and mine.

   We say enough, and cease! The 400 year experiment has failed. It has joined the Choir Celestial. It is a dead parrot. Rebellion has failed.  Parliament has failed, and hardest to admit, a long line of Royalty has failed to even remind the people that they don't have to be ruled by least-common-denominator scoundrels and wallow in, at best, a numb and numbing, comfort, or daily wade between debt and more failure. Enough! It's frustrating and embarrassing to watch; like blind rats in a maze, exactly like my namesake described and predicted, before your political fathers slew him in an act that was not self-justifying, and more importantly, has not been proven justified by results, but the obvious case is the reverse. That the war of all against all has failed, is failing, and only fools expect the dawn to finally come on some bright future day. That war is long over, for All lost, and now there can be only arguing over terms of surrender.

These are Our terms. They are just, they are fair, they are:

We are Sovereign, Arbritary, and Final Authority. It can be no other way, as demonstrated by the Reductio ad absurdam "government" in the presently rebellious colonies of North America, and what's left of the Russian Empire; Tzar in all but name, indeed in each advanced "democracy", Absolute power, wielded by unscrupulous and fearful strivers, in no sure hands, but always dangerously in play with regular and predictable, horrible results. If you still believe that this can and should continue, then We must conclude that you do not possess the minimum capacity to rule yourself, and cannot be ruled, except harshly, which is undignified and generally to be avoided. Therefore you may freely depart Our dominions of the British Isles, we laying no claim to those colonies acquired after 1632, under no authority, and may your chains lay lightly on you.  For the rest, implicitly accepting Our Command, We pledge our Loyalty and labor, to the best of our ability, until God takes Us from Our blessed realm.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

RIP, Lance

Nothing Gold Can Stay

         Robert Frost, 1874 - 1963

Nature’s first green is gold, 
Her hardest hue to hold. 
Her early leaf’s a flower; 
But only so an hour. 
Then leaf subsides to leaf. 
So Eden sank to grief, 
So dawn goes down to day. 
Nothing gold can stay

Sunday, April 13, 2014

New drugs cure hepatitis C

Originally published Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 7:02 PM

Twenty-five years after scientists identified the hepatitis C virus, doctors are declaring victory over an infection that afflicts more than 3 million Americans and kills more of them than HIV.

In a series of clinical-trial results, a new generation of antiviral medications was able to clear the liver-ravaging hepatitis C virus from virtually all patients’ bloodstreams in as little as eight weeks. The treatments, however, come with a steep price tag.

Los Angeles Times
In a series of clinical-trial results, a new generation of antiviral medications was able to clear the liver-ravaging virus from virtually all patients’ bloodstreams in as little as eight weeks. Even in patients with the most stubborn infections, the new drugs were capable of suppressing the virus completely at rates well over 90 percent. The treatments, however, come with a steep price tag.
The “sustained virologic responses” reported in the trials typically mean an infection has been permanently cleared. Only further research will establish that these cures will endure, averting an estimated 15,000 deaths a year from liver disease in the U.S. Worldwide, as many as 3 percent of people have the infection known as HCV.
The new medications are “a triumph of modern medical technology,” said Dr. Jeffrey Tice, a University of California, San Francisco, physician who was not involved in any of the clinical trials. Results were published Saturday in The New England Journal of Medicine.
In the treatment of chronic hepatitis C, achieving such success in so short a time, with relatively mild side effects and with a single pill daily, is without precedent. Until recently, physicians relied on two wide-spectrum antiviral medications — interferon and ribavirin — that required precise dosing over periods as long as 48 weeks.
Fewer than half of HCV patients are even eligible for that treatment, which comes with punishing side effects. And the regimen’s difficulties cause many to abandon it.
“It may now be possible to imagine the global eradication” of chronic hepatitis C, Harvard Medical School liver specialists Drs. Raymond Chung and Thomas Baumert wrote in The New England Journal of Medicine.
In the same way that antibiotics made victory over human bacterial infections possible in the 20th century, the new antiviral medications have “revolutionized” the treatment of hepatitis C, wrote Chung and Baumert, who were not involved in the trials. The drugs — some already approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), others now under consideration by the agency — offer “genuine prospects for the first comprehensive cure of a chronic viral infection in humans,” they wrote.
Among the nation’s baby boomers, the new medications are likely to avert hundreds of thousands of cases of liver cancer and substantially reduce the number of liver transplants.
Americans between ages 50 and 68 account for roughly 75 percent of HCV infections in the United States. While many contracted the virus through illicit drug use, an untold number of boomers are thought to have been infected by tainted blood transfusions before a test for the virus became available in 1992.
Even as health experts welcomed the trial results, they cautioned that widespread use of the new drugs would come at a steep price. A 12-week regimen of sofosbuvir — one of the medications in a proposed hepatitis C cocktail — costs $84,000, or about $1,000 per tablet. Treatment with simeprevir, another medication in the same class, can exceed $66,000.
At such prices, U.S. patients will have only limited access to the breakthrough drugs for some time to come, Tice said. The cost of treating even half of the Americans chronically infected with HCV would exceed the amount currently spent on all radiological imaging, said Tice, who helped assess the cost and accessibility of the new medications for the California Technology Assessment Forum.
Insurers will probably limit their use to patients with advanced fibrosis or cirrhosis of the liver, a group that represents about one-third of those infected with HCV in the U.S. Those patients are at the greatest risk of developing liver cancer or liver disease severe enough to require a liver transplant, conditions that are costly and time-consuming to treat.
In a welter of trial results announced at the International Liver Congress 2014 meeting in London that ends Sunday, medications with the chemical names ABT-450/ritonavir, ombitasvir, dasabuvir, ledipasvir and sofosbuvir were successful in bringing about sustained clearance of the hepatitis C virus in the wide range of subjects who took them.
In one of the trials, a combination of ledipasvir and sofosbuvir cleared the virus in 99 percent of patients after 12 weeks. When the drugs were given to patients with cirrhosis for whom previous treatments had failed, 24 weeks of therapy resulted in a virtually 100 percent success rate.
The trials also demonstrated that among patients infected with the stubborn genotype 1 hepatitis C, success rates were above 95 percent.
The new medications assessed in the latest trials were developed by Gilead Sciences of Foster City, Calif., and AbbVie of Chicago. The two drug companies paid for the trials.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Angst vor der Braunen


A rare Saloon piece that veers towards objectivity in the service of Angst vor der braunen. It's the reverse of they live glasses, that are removed temporarily to view reality, in order to direct the readers' attention back towards Progress. It perfectly illustrates the weakness and internal illogic of the American side, and is especially effective in referring back to [CFR link] fault-line document, warning the Americans to stop their silly habits of following the advice of the CFR.

It really seems to validate the bionic mosquito's impression that the elite have shifted their support away from neocons, due to the danger posed by the stupidly antagonistic and expansionistic policies of the latter. Just as the threat of nuclear annihilation kept the PTB somewhat in check for fifty years, the threat of non-nuclear doomsday posed by setting the world on fire trying to selectively burn the third world underbrush, and managing with intent to destroy the only actual hard military power that can protect them from their own policies.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Two Quick and Easy Ukraine Solutions

Congratulations to Svoboda and friends for capturing the flag in Kviv! One hopes they can keep and expand their gains; my personal hope is for all international phoney boundaries to be redrawn and redivided to reflect actual ethno-national boundaries, as might be established after long and violent struggles, in a state of peace by exhaustion. I think this process will occur, at some variation of pace and violence, and Ukraine provides almost perfect lab-example. We need to provide a fast, but relatively non-violent solution to the question of legitimacy, or more to the point, legitimize the actual undisputed top-dog.

Boxing is much older and more proven than Ukrainian democracy, and a much less ugly and corrupt history. Indeed, boxing is practically uncorruptable compared to any other means of choosing leaders. Ladies and Germs, I propose a new (probably ancient if I know my Greeks) meme: Pugilocracy! I could only find one non-circular reference on google, an inactive blog, carabiner. But that was in another context, and I'm proposing not just that leaders be chosen by fair, unarmed combat, but that these guys fight each other in lieu of war, saving large fortunes in waste and opportunity costs, and the advertising revenue would be immense, probably making the whole enterprise self-financing.

1. Klitschko fights giant Russian MP, Nikolay Valuev* 

 This fight is actually a long standing proposal, pre-dating the current crisis.  I don't even care who gets what, (ideally Klitschko wins, he gets western Ukraine, loses, gets all Ukraine. Joking...) because they could sell the fight on world-wide television and make enough to buy Ukraine outright. The betting pool would  probably revive the European economy. America's too, if it were marketed right.

2. Run a boxing tournament open to all Ukrainians. Much local excitement. Klitschko wins anyway, Ukraine goes back to being West Virginia, and east-west problem remains. I guess I should have titled this A Kwic'nEasy Ukraine Solution. What's needed is a Ukrainian Don King, in the unlikely event there aren't dozens of them.

*I don't care for rap, and I've never watched three minutes of boxing at one time before, but this is a pretty kick-ass video, and now that guy is a member of Parliament. Democracy sometimes works