Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Credit where Credit Due

What I don't get is why they specifically tax alcohol and tobacco at a high rate to discourage use, but tax income. Wouldn't they want to encourage people to use more "income"? Unless that's the point, which I'm starting to think. payday loans? subprime loans? I'm guessing poorer people use more credit? in my time, you couldn't get credit unless you didn't need it. strange days have found us.

quote of the day: (comment at Zero hedge)
"Can't wait to have my iPhone, iPad, Macbook air in my Apple backpack and the Apple watch on my wrist so i can check my Twitter and Facebook account, while riding my Segway."

to the Starbucks, to drink three dollar coffees. because free WiFi...

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Russian Orthodoxy

response to a comment on Peter Frost at Unz Review
"What Putin really needs to do is to Prussianize and Protestantize the Russian Orthodox Church and culture in general.”
I’m pretty confident that this will not happen, by Putin or anyone else. Whether or not this assertion is true, I lack the intellectual chops to debate, but the Orthodox take their religion seriously to an extent that westerners can’t really understand. They are very prickly about it and talk of things that happened a thousand years ago like it was yesterday.
I first went to the Saker blog to try to understand what the hell (almost literally) was going on in Ukraine, but stayed, fascinated by a window on a really complicated social and historical environment forged by hundreds of years of tribal warfare and hatreds, but I was most surprised by his really strong views on, and support for his Church. Americans can’t really grasp this, I think. Many of us that even consider ourselves religious don’t approach this level of seriousness and generally view other, or even non- religions quite tolerantly. We are wide and shallow with respect to beliefs, comparatively (and to our advantage, until recently, in my opinion).
Their faith is most likely why there even is still a Russia in existence and why it will probably continue after America becomes Brazil. We would do well to follow their example in some respects, and if our story ever gets even as fractionally horrendous, I hope we can

Sunday, February 1, 2015

250 Heavyweight

Many of my friends own vintage BMW /2 series bikes, and I have been alert to any good deals;  there aren't any. I've seen roached bikes with frozen engines sell for more than 2 g. I know, what inflation?

This is a 1964 R27 250cc. Same frame as the R50, half as many cylinders. Probably slow, which I hope to determine after finding out why no spark. Crying out for solo seat.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Real Headline

Angelina Jolie left speechless after Iraq refugee trip.

Thank you, lord. It would be awesome if it sticks. Someone should start a crowd fund to send her again if her ignorant yap resumes its flapping  speech returns.

George am Koan

The master was asked a question concerning money by a young student
"Master, I do not understand money..."
"Give me five imperial credits."
"I have none. I work all day for enough coin to buy a little food and a place to sleep. I can never see any surplus. Yet many others live lives of ease and comfort. I cannot see the path they follow."
"I will loan it to you."
" Very well, I owe you five credits..."
"You owe 5.50 @10%. Do you now understand?"
"Very well, master!"

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Screwtape Memo

A commenter on the Saker blog advocated sending 10000 russians to Syria in order to "butcher" ISIS. I imagine this guy is either stupid or provocative, but whatever his motivation, please, enough already with the butchering. I got this note the last time I was worshipping Satan. Evidently, Hell is virtually overflowing from the previous butcherings, not from lack of accommodations, but a huge bottleneck in HS*, partially related to sheer numbers, but mostly because of legacy criteria, (one strike, you're in). They haven't worked their way past about 1930 yet.  From the memo:

 "A lot of these new migrants have no records of behavior that might bar admittance; they mostly just seem to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Frankly, I believe the problem is external; that [redacted] is sending their less desirables along with our guys, for whatever reason, or our methods have worked too well, and that many are really that anxious to emigrate. It seems more likely that the higher value immigrants that we would like to see are still "hedging", and meanwhile  we're stretched simply processing in these draftees and slackers. We need more with some leadership and know-how and a proven record of service. 

This system was built to handle a couple of dozen daily, with a good mix of easily accommodated  and enthusiastic souls, along with the dregs, of course, but this mix is just toxic, and not in a good way. Where are Poppy, Cheney, Kissinger? Do they still have "other priorities"? I'd say they earned their rightful place, and about time. We need some help down here; even the demons are starting to just phone it in, but we are more than ready to resume the morale-boosting as soon as we get some new meat better quality initiates."

*Hell Security

Friday, December 19, 2014

Robert's Revenge

A very long time ago, Paul Craig Roberts put forth the proposition that what had been previously banned, private ownership of gold coins, was in effect, equivalent to a gold standard. (I've never been able to find the original, but I've always taken this as stipulated.)

   The reason libertarians can't be of much help with respect to Russian central banking, beyond the same criticisms leveled at our own systems;  That the present range of institutions are wrong to the extent that they privatize profit and socialize costs through fraud and threats on "the forgotten man". That "thin" libertarians, of which I'm, would be okay with predatory capitalism, if the game weren't fixed and if it wasn't mandatory. The leap we take is not very large; that most people can take care of themselves, and that individual self-interest, "greed" among other things, including altruism, will cause the hearth to be lit and the steel to be forged. This is all boilerplate, but I take it as stipulated. Here I stand, I can do no other, etc. Until I caught Moldbug, but that's possibly another post.

   Saker was wondering if Putin really believed in Liberal Capitalism, or was just playing along. I don't think anyone really believes in it. The hidden hand guy went to work for the British equivalent of Homeland Security, and Alan Greenspan was, and then wasn't, and now is again a disciple of Ayn Rand. Putin may have the rare ability to ignore overloaded labels, and process actual facts. I hope so, a pre-Postmodern world leader would appreciated by many, even if it was just outward dignity. A PPMWL would be forced to point out the many absurdities and outright lies that have been constructed to hide the moral and financial bankruptcy of the west. Ron Paul is one such, PCR another, and many others are working here to restore our constitution. As an ideal; as a substitute for sovereignty, sadly flawed, but now completely ignored. What's needed is some Post-postmodern world leaders, who are cognizant of the idiocy of the modern jacobins and the single-minded urge to destroy everything and always without accountability. The fact that no one was ever fired, reprimanded, prosecuted or jailed (except whistleblowers) for two wars and two meltdowns has mafia all over it. Successful and powerful mafia don't go away, but accommodate or route around strong resistance, keyword strong. The meek will not inherit this world.

  The reason, then, that Vlad seems impaled, although he knows his enemy's weaknesses he has to judge his support most accurately, especially his core. A commenter on the saker blog brought up that "Ivan" needs to man up, mentioning vodka bottles. I have no idea if the stereotype is accurate, having been soaked in anti-russian propaganda my entire life. What matters is can the forgotten man rise to any challenge? Even seemingly hopeless?You guys had Stalingrad, we had hurricane Katrina. If I had anything to wager I'd put it all on red. Even though I'm black (anarchy) by disposition and white (monarchy) by study and reflection. Patience is necessary, Sun-Tzu, fifth generation warfare, bluff, deception. War by other means.

   He has predicted a two year downturn, no one knows how long or deep it may be. In the meantime he should consider minting golden ruble and selling at some premium, in small quantities, but to individual citizens. The central bank would still be independent (and predatory) but gold in private hands acts as a check on inflation and a monetary peg that isn't directly influenced by speculation. The only negative, that the monetary authorities can't easily devalue the currency in a competitive or coordinated (as they are now doing) manner, is actually a feature, but only if the market sets interest rates. A government mint doesn't have to use "Russia's" gold (who actually owns it or where it is correctly belongs in the unknown category until the west has a good audit). It could purchase on the open market and mint privately owned stashes on contract for a slight fee. The Swiss would probably sell their presses for a song. This may be technically "goldbackism" ala Ellen Brown, so there are hidden pitfalls, but the man said it will take two years, and you might have some fun with it. If and when the vultures descend you can just cut them off or better, raise their premium. A one ounce double-eagle with Ivan the Terrible would be awesome to replace my Pandas and Krands, that I lost in a boating accident.