Monday, September 19, 2016


This blog has been inactive for months, apologies to my virtual audience, my sense of irrelevance sometimes gets the better of me. Also, tablet keyboards are difficult to get used to.

A friend sends me custom Postcards from the Dead. There has been two series, the first knocking and mocking Ted Cruze, the second k&m Donald Trump. I, too, detested Ted, so I like to think that these postcards helped torpedo his career, but I don't share his opinion of Trump as a politician, so I'm countering the influence of the second series;

Trump has earned the thanks of everyone for kicking the Bush dynasty to the curb, and the presidency when he does the same for the Klinton Klan. I am unconcerned by the remote possibility that he could be worse than the last five chumps.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

RNC Tips and Tricks - PT.2


The Art of the Deal
There is nothing in the RNC’s rules that prohibits delegates from cutting a deal for their votes, and lawyers say it is unlikely that federal anti-corruption laws would apply to convention horse-trading. (It is not clear that even explicitly selling one’s vote for cash would be illegal.)"

Change the rules on the fly? or give up on a never-ending river of pork? It depends entirely on whether anyone cares enough to Saker these pests closely, so every move is observed.


Monday, March 14, 2016

RNC - Tips and Tricks

I stopped paying attention to the Republican party eight years ago, after seeing the many sordid ways the party smothered the Ron Paul campaign (twice!), but the I've been drawn in again by various conspiracy theories concerning Trump as Cat's Paw for a the Clinton's. My working hypothesis is that Trump was going along with this for one reason or another, and got serious when he realised that it really could be done. He may have been quite surprised by the level of enthusiasm and support, aside from the weakness of the competition.

I've been considering attending the local Republican convention to at least (again) witness the Borg in action, but the in the meanwhile, I'm going to try to gather as many links as possible to provide a good background on the mechanics of GOP skullduggery.

Doug Wead, a former RP staffer, is on top of it.

Can the RNC still steal the nomination from Trump on the first ballot?

"That’s right.  Every delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention is a completely free agent, free to vote for the candidate of their choice on every ballot at the convention in Cleveland in July. Every delegate is a Superdelegate!"

I think I will forgo the pleasure; if the delegates are not bound, there's not much advantage in electing any particular Slate. The founders warned us about "factions".

“There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil.” – John Adams

Not hard to imagine what they would think of today's Parties.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Power Despises a Vacuum

Ron Unz suggests intelligent people might prefer a better sort of despot, if we absolutely have to have one, and I consider the chaos of our Anarcho-tyranny effectively despotic.
Well, for years I’ve been telling people we should consider the approach taken in some European countries a few hundred years ago…
When a country was sufficiently badly managed, it would sometimes invite some foreign leader to come and assume power in order to set matters right.
It seems to me that although the American people are generally pretty good, our ruling elites are absolutely dreadful, possibly among the worst in the world. So I think we’ve certainly reached the point at which a delegation of American notables should consider traveling to Moscow and offering the American throne to Putin, suggesting that he establish a new Dual Monarchy, or perhaps a slightly different version of Jerry Pournelle’s old Co-Dominion.
Furthermore, given our own serious national infestation of worthless Oligarchs, his selection would be particularly apt, given his long and successful past experience in dealing with such greedy and troublesome individuals. Indeed, I suspect that the vast majority take flight from our shores even as Vladimir I was making his triumphal entrance into DC, much like rats immediately flee at the faintest whiff of “cat”…

Monday, September 14, 2015

Tony Abbott Threatens Peace, Sacked the Next Day
"Readers of Taki’s Magazine must be itching for a bit of good news in the midst of all the rubbish being talked about the refugee crisis in Europe. Well, here it is: Australian prime minister Tony Abbott is now the first leader of the anti-Assad coalition to admit that Western intervention in the Syrian civil war was a massive cock-up."
...and then he was replaced by a "Republican". No election necessary!

Mr Turnbull first rose to international prominence in the mid-1980s as the brash young lawyer who represented Peter Wright, a former senior British intelligence operative with MI5, who took on the British government in the famous Spycatcher case. Mr Turnbull succeeded in blocking Britain's attempts to prevent publication of Wright’s memoirs.But the case marked the beginning of a prominent career in which he made millions as an internet entrepreneur and Goldman Sachs banker before turning his attention to becoming prime minister. An MP since 2004, he is one of Australia’s wealthiest politicians and lives in Point Piper, one of the nation’s most exclusive suburbs, with his wife Lucy Turnbull, a former lord mayor of Sydney.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

You can Make This Stuff Up, Evidently

real headline -

Chattanooga shooter was possibly troubled; motive a mystery.

I guess we'll never know!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

By Deception Shall You do War, (and commenting)

If it's not food, don't swallow it.
I’m very interested in the phenomena of “professional trolling”, especially evidence of organized campaigns. Reference to various sub-types based on methods/goals, as well as various levels of competence, leads me to wonder if there isn’t a site devoted to this phenomena. The art seems fairly advanced, but the critical response seems fragmented and unorganized. The Saker has mentioned that the current war is about 85% propaganda, 10% factual and 5% kinetic. Given the importance of the informational aspect, I’m sure that all sides devote considerable resources to the study and practice, but as in all matters of intelligence, methods and techniques are held closely and amatuers can only speculate on these things. Do you know of any open resources that regularly speak of such matters?
Lately, I’ve grown very suspicious of counter-trolling; those that engage with the diluters, often with very extensive factual and historical cut-and-paste jobs, especially on subjects that have been beaten to death (from my perspective), chiefly the holocaust and the general subject of Jewry, 9-11, and others. The subjects have been discussed at ludicrous length, nothing new is ever presented, and virtually no-one is dissuaded in their notions. I strongly suspect that 99% of this counter-narrative is in-house hasbara and the remaining 1% obsessives with greatly varying levels of knowledge and talent. Insulting Jews on Unz, especially on posts by such as Shamir, Gottfried, Mercer, Finkelstein is just so stupid and counterproductive, not to mention rude, that it’s difficult to believe that it isn’t simply bait for the unwary or damaged minds.
In the meanwhile, do not feed the trolls!