Friday, March 29, 2013

MSM - More Tasty, Less Filling, part one

 I was alerted by Mick Perry's reference on Antiwar's column by Nebojsa Malic to his Turkish Cypriot friend's comment on the Cypriot banking scandal.

"Last week my Turkish Cypriot newsagent was scratching his head in bewilderment asking “Don't they realise that they have undermined people's confidence in banks everywhere?”, and this seems to be a universal sentiment."

I've been on track of the dog-that-doesn't-bark in the continuing story, that is, how does the divided nature of the island weigh in one's understanding of the issue, particularly whether the muslim proscription of usury has acted as a firewall on the Turkish Cypriot banking sector?

I haven't been able to find anything substantial beyond two BBC videos on youtube that confirm that Turkish Cypriot banks are doing okay. No in-depth analysis of the history of, or current effects of the war, the on-going division of the island, the British bases, the fact that northern Cyprus is only recognized by Turkey, the puzzling recent rapprochement of Turkey/Israel, the discovery of huge undersea gas fields in the eastern Med, the actions of Russians (who would not mind inheriting the bases, I'm sure), and how these things might affect the civil war in Syria. A whole pack of non-barking dogs seemingly ignored by the media, that make his news dealer as much an expert as anyone.

Ambrose Bierce (I think - too lazy to check) said "War is God's way of teaching Americans geography." although I think we forget faster than we learn.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The External Monkeyshines of the Mindless Scrot

Remember when Jim Carrey was funny? One movie - now he's Barbara Streisand without her winning personality, non-irritating voice and good looks. The liberal jugernaught speeds toward the end of the line.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bill O'Reilley is a Hypocrite

 I really think I'm on to something with my earlier lawyer remark. ["The whole gay marriage thing is just a scam by divorce lawyers to drum up business."] Divorce lawyers have got to be hating the modern life; young people are disinclined to wed and mostly too poor to be worth divorcing and the wealthy are smart enough to get good pre-nups but gay (dudes, I have zero problems with lezzies) divorce is going to be a gold mine - high income and fabulous property combined with plenty of emotionalism (generalize much?) and ego plus some jealousy and rage. Just add alcohol - ka-ching!
I told my wife about this theory, plus why drugs are still illegal, and she asked me if I really thought lawyers had that much power, so I asked her who she thinks writes the laws. To be clear, I'm not against gays or gay marriage, I'm against the government being involved in any way. It's just another example of "fixing" a problem caused by the same people that are now going to solve it.

"it used to be that the fun of being gay was we didn't have to get married, go in the army or have kids." -Dir John Waters

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ah am Not a Libuhtarian

It's an awkward and imprecise label (I wish whoever started it had come up with something less dorky, oh well) that has come to be defined by it's enemies, right and left as an insult meaning someone who lacks compassion, intelligence and/or experience. We're heartless, naive retards, racist anti-semitic male chauvinists that want to starve the poor, kill the environment and let mexicans and rag-heads overrun the country and kill us all, after making everyone download porn and stolen "I.P." and turn their kids into gay junkies that hate Jesus and Israel. Also we're anti-American and against World Peace and support giving crazy people machine guns (domestically) but oppose giving crazy people unlimited money and weapons overseas.

Fake libertarians like Beck and Andrew Sullivan are generally easy to spot because they were neo-cons when it counted and will certainly revert as soon as they start passing water through their bloomers after the next fake scare. I'm inclined to label them Incontinent Conservatives and Opportunistic Barebackers except that juvenile name calling is practically the signature and only anti-libertarian argument. "Did you see the schmuck on that camel?"

 Curiously, this works well for me because if someone says or implies they aren't Libertarian I can, and usually do, (since I'm not a masochist), stop paying attention right there. I also identify as a Constitutional Conservative, but since both the Constitution and "conservatism" are virtually dead, that isn't very useful. I remain a Rothbardian, a Rockwellian and a Paultard. "Randian"? No way, although I wish him and (some) of his allies well. So far...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Once a Big Molicepan

"As RNC reboots, Prince Riebus reaches out to the Ron Paul liberty movement

 This is a pretty amazing headline. After stomping all over the RP movement and doing everything up to and including the destruction of the GOP, now this fucking alien weirdo with the most obviously made up pseudonym in history would like to gain our support to defeat the evil democrat who is just like him in every way (except slightly better tanned). AS IF! How about;

Lucy Van Pelt Promises to let Charlie Brown Kick Ball, "Next Time, For Sure!"

Republicans suck so bad that if Obama doesn't follow through with the gun nonsense and the stupid aggression against Iran, the openly communist of our two communist parties will probably rule for a generation, or at least two months until the wheels come off the economy. The Stupid Party morphs into the Ridiculous Party.

So now, undercover hazbarim Samuel Goldman rises In Defense of Rinsed Prepuce and the "Autopsy" Report, to which I replied;

"Pretty hilarious – these clowns just spent the last year or twenty driving the constitutionalists and their millions of donated dollars out of the party, but they don’t want to alienate their “base”. Can anyone explain why we need two open-border, welfare/warfare, authoritarian busybody parties serving the MIC? Wouldn’t it be easier (and more honest) to quit, go home and get real jobs? Hey, Priepuse, they’re hiring in Williston".

Ron Paul supporters to Prince Riebus - "Suck It Dry!"

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

When God was Younger

Than now, and more impulsive, he created man. Quickly realizing his mistake, but for whatever reason unwilling to just cancel the project, he tried several times to re-boot, with the same crappy results every time; Intellect was unable to compensate for Animal in the human. He had (possibly unintentionally) created more misery than if he had just left them monkeys, because he had assumed that rationality would lead from dignity to nobility, and hadn't yet thought it would be necessary to allow the bastards to actually kill him in order to get the obvious point. (Which they so didn't.)

So, at that point, he took one of his few successful creatures, the wolf, and tweaked it a bit to produce just about every conceivable size and variation of four legs, a tail and mouth that would appeal to the widest possible range of humans, and in the form of puppies, attach themselves to all but the hardest of hearts. The wolf, being of the pack, didn't mind a short life, as it's spirit flowed through the pack like water and wind, so the dog basks in the few days that his beating heart allows him to show foolish humans how to love.