Friday, March 29, 2013

MSM - More Tasty, Less Filling, part one

 I was alerted by Mick Perry's reference on Antiwar's column by Nebojsa Malic to his Turkish Cypriot friend's comment on the Cypriot banking scandal.

"Last week my Turkish Cypriot newsagent was scratching his head in bewilderment asking “Don't they realise that they have undermined people's confidence in banks everywhere?”, and this seems to be a universal sentiment."

I've been on track of the dog-that-doesn't-bark in the continuing story, that is, how does the divided nature of the island weigh in one's understanding of the issue, particularly whether the muslim proscription of usury has acted as a firewall on the Turkish Cypriot banking sector?

I haven't been able to find anything substantial beyond two BBC videos on youtube that confirm that Turkish Cypriot banks are doing okay. No in-depth analysis of the history of, or current effects of the war, the on-going division of the island, the British bases, the fact that northern Cyprus is only recognized by Turkey, the puzzling recent rapprochement of Turkey/Israel, the discovery of huge undersea gas fields in the eastern Med, the actions of Russians (who would not mind inheriting the bases, I'm sure), and how these things might affect the civil war in Syria. A whole pack of non-barking dogs seemingly ignored by the media, that make his news dealer as much an expert as anyone.

Ambrose Bierce (I think - too lazy to check) said "War is God's way of teaching Americans geography." although I think we forget faster than we learn.

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An Inflation Of Words. said...

Greetings Mr Mensch, and my email address is automatically published along with every comment that I post. Also and just for the record, my comment and questions were in response to an article by Nebojsa Malic, and not Justin Raimondo.
My newsagent is a busy man and we don't often get an opportunity to discuss things in depth, but I'd be surprised if he is all that informed about the oil and gas deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean. I'll ask him when we next have the time for conversation. As for your other questions, it's pretty clear that Erdogan is aiding the destabilisation of Syria and Iran, for reasons which continue to evade me, unless it's simply the usual fear of the US and their Saudi partners in crime.
The man is an extraordinarily slick operator and he has achieved what many Turks would once have considered impossible. He has managed to stay on the right side of the fiercely secular military while introducing a new tolerance of religion into Turkish culture. Before Erdogan, women were allowed to wear the veil in public but banned from wearing it in civic institutions such as schools, government buildings, hospitals etc.. His wife in fact wears the veil. Erdogan himself observes Friday prayers, and speaks with what you could describe as a most agreeable conservative Muslim piety. The Israeli's seem to have overlooked the fact that he is also a very stubborn character, and he was never going to be in the business of backing down over the Mavi Marmara slaughter.
It is also quite possible that Obama's visit did not play a significant role in the renewed entente.
Binyamin Netanyahu felt safe to apologise because the elections are history and he has no need to worry about accusations of weakness and appeasement. Israel needs Turkey because they are its eyes and ears in the Arab world.
As for the Great Cypriot Bank Robbery, the north of the island is unaffected so far as I know. Again, I'll quiz my newsagent if and when I get an opportunity. The Turkish zone is similar to Turkey itself, (and Tower Hamlets when I think about it!) in that an HSBC operates there alongside Islamic banks. Depositors are free to choose..
Nobody seems to pay much attention to the British military bases on the island. The Turks appealed to the British to intervene back in the 70's when they were being murdered with the sanction of the Greek military junta, but Prime Minister Callaghan refused, hence the Turkish invasion. The Turkish North is I think also recognised by Iran and Pakistan but I'd need to check.
My email address is available either when you click on the avatar, or on my name, I don't recall which, but please post a link to your blog once it's published. The address you supplied has invoked the Mailer Demon!
All the best,
Mick Perry.