Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bill O'Reilley is a Hypocrite

 I really think I'm on to something with my earlier lawyer remark. ["The whole gay marriage thing is just a scam by divorce lawyers to drum up business."] Divorce lawyers have got to be hating the modern life; young people are disinclined to wed and mostly too poor to be worth divorcing and the wealthy are smart enough to get good pre-nups but gay (dudes, I have zero problems with lezzies) divorce is going to be a gold mine - high income and fabulous property combined with plenty of emotionalism (generalize much?) and ego plus some jealousy and rage. Just add alcohol - ka-ching!
I told my wife about this theory, plus why drugs are still illegal, and she asked me if I really thought lawyers had that much power, so I asked her who she thinks writes the laws. To be clear, I'm not against gays or gay marriage, I'm against the government being involved in any way. It's just another example of "fixing" a problem caused by the same people that are now going to solve it.

"it used to be that the fun of being gay was we didn't have to get married, go in the army or have kids." -Dir John Waters

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