Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ah am Not a Libuhtarian

It's an awkward and imprecise label (I wish whoever started it had come up with something less dorky, oh well) that has come to be defined by it's enemies, right and left as an insult meaning someone who lacks compassion, intelligence and/or experience. We're heartless, naive retards, racist anti-semitic male chauvinists that want to starve the poor, kill the environment and let mexicans and rag-heads overrun the country and kill us all, after making everyone download porn and stolen "I.P." and turn their kids into gay junkies that hate Jesus and Israel. Also we're anti-American and against World Peace and support giving crazy people machine guns (domestically) but oppose giving crazy people unlimited money and weapons overseas.

Fake libertarians like Beck and Andrew Sullivan are generally easy to spot because they were neo-cons when it counted and will certainly revert as soon as they start passing water through their bloomers after the next fake scare. I'm inclined to label them Incontinent Conservatives and Opportunistic Barebackers except that juvenile name calling is practically the signature and only anti-libertarian argument. "Did you see the schmuck on that camel?"

 Curiously, this works well for me because if someone says or implies they aren't Libertarian I can, and usually do, (since I'm not a masochist), stop paying attention right there. I also identify as a Constitutional Conservative, but since both the Constitution and "conservatism" are virtually dead, that isn't very useful. I remain a Rothbardian, a Rockwellian and a Paultard. "Randian"? No way, although I wish him and (some) of his allies well. So far...

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