Wednesday, March 13, 2013

When God was Younger

Than now, and more impulsive, he created man. Quickly realizing his mistake, but for whatever reason unwilling to just cancel the project, he tried several times to re-boot, with the same crappy results every time; Intellect was unable to compensate for Animal in the human. He had (possibly unintentionally) created more misery than if he had just left them monkeys, because he had assumed that rationality would lead from dignity to nobility, and hadn't yet thought it would be necessary to allow the bastards to actually kill him in order to get the obvious point. (Which they so didn't.)

So, at that point, he took one of his few successful creatures, the wolf, and tweaked it a bit to produce just about every conceivable size and variation of four legs, a tail and mouth that would appeal to the widest possible range of humans, and in the form of puppies, attach themselves to all but the hardest of hearts. The wolf, being of the pack, didn't mind a short life, as it's spirit flowed through the pack like water and wind, so the dog basks in the few days that his beating heart allows him to show foolish humans how to love.

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