Thursday, April 28, 2011

Counterpunch - Ron Paul: More Progressive Than Obama?

Charles Davis on Counterpunch

Wow!  My eyes are still bugging out a bit after reading that on Counterpunch, which I generally read for its excellent Power Elite analysis (and disregard for it's naive "progressivism").

Paul has stated repeatedly that his campaigns are primarily educational and, with a lot of help from the continuing economic disaster, has been wildly successful in taking his ideas to the general public. His greatest impact (so far) has been to expose the Elite's own contradictions and incoherence against itself, as in his performance in the last Republican primary and especially the debates. He exposed the other candidates as the lying hypocrites and moral midgets they are, and is perfectly poised to do it again.

I can't see the PTB letting him anywhere near the Presidency, so the left should really hold off on the hysterical screaming about racism, Ayn Rand, etc. at least until he's through spanking the people's true enemies - neocons, "Christian" warmongers, banksters, jailers and fascists. Personally, because I detest Republicans, I want to see him run third party. I'm very dubious, but Paul thinks the system can be reformed, or restored. People of good will should get behind him.

I've never been exposed to Davis before, my knee-jerk reaction to "progressivism" has created a huge blind spot on that side of my thinking, I admit. His blog "false dichotomy by charles davis" has been running since 2004, so I've got some catching up to do. Some libertarians have been hoping to make common cause with the non-totalitarian left for quite a while. Hope springs eternal...