Thursday, November 6, 2008

See Which one Fills up First

I seriously believe the the two parties work major elections out in advance; that it is scripted and fixed. Okay, I am a conspiracy buff, and I also don't know the actual methods or identities of those evil few, but some things are just so out of plumb, they can't be accidents. Why did Kerry just shuffle and mumble through his last campaign? Because he was taking a dive and just barely trying to make it seem realistic. Why didn't McCain even pretend to be realistic and flexible if not also articulate and knowledgeable? The election was decided when the Democrats used their corrupt primary system to choose the best candidate of a sorry bunch, and the Republicans, inexplicably, used theirs to choose the worst (after Guiliani). Just when the world is fed up up with America, and the last penny has been emptied from the treasury, everybody rushes to the other side of the boat and starts singing in unison about equality and justice. It's obviously a punch and judy show, but we can't stop watching, or ever quite come to disbelieve, even though Plato demolished the whole scam years ago.

Hope in one hand...