Sunday, April 18, 2010

Did the Founders Anticipate the Rise of Sarah Palin?

Apart from her political views, I think she is obviously unqualified for the job, but I like her because the left is really afraid she might be the first woman President, which she wouldn't be if they just ignored her, so all she has to do is jerk their chain once in a while to get them to make her even more popular, plus she's smarter than Romney. If she went all in for Israel, (short of war with Iran in which case all bets are off), I can see her getting nominated and beating Obama in 2012. [I've been backing Buchanan/Paul since the early 90's, but they're both getting too old.] 

I liked Reagan, but even then I knew that They knew they were pretending - Las Vegas democracy. Why can't we just eliminate the middle men and have the "campaign advisors" actually run the government while the puppet/figurehead just goes harmlessly about making millions through speaking and selling books. Oh, wait... yeah.

Seems kind of a big lapse of the founders to set the bar for the Presidency so low; I think you need to be a native-born American of at least thirty-five years. Doesn't say you need to not be a sociopath or a moron among many other seemingly disqualifing qualities. The voters in their collective wisdom will select the best of those that put themselves forward. Either voters were much more intelligent and rational (never mind they had to be adult property-owning males) then, or the founders meant for the President to be much less important than He has turned out to be, and only seeing that the law is faithfully executed, rather than making and interpreting the law, on the fly, for whatever reason, or none, a hunch or a tip or a favor.  There should at least be a written test, or a series of real debates, or something...

Soon, a cleansing flood!