Saturday, March 15, 2014

Angst vor der Braunen

A rare Saloon piece that veers towards objectivity in the service of Angst vor der braunen. It's the reverse of they live glasses, that are removed temporarily to view reality, in order to direct the readers' attention back towards Progress. It perfectly illustrates the weakness and internal illogic of the American side, and is especially effective in referring back to [CFR link] fault-line document, warning the Americans to stop their silly habits of following the advice of the CFR.

It really seems to validate the bionic mosquito's impression that the elite have shifted their support away from neocons, due to the danger posed by the stupidly antagonistic and expansionistic policies of the latter. Just as the threat of nuclear annihilation kept the PTB somewhat in check for fifty years, the threat of non-nuclear doomsday posed by setting the world on fire trying to selectively burn the third world underbrush, and managing with intent to destroy the only actual hard military power that can protect them from their own policies.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Two Quick and Easy Ukraine Solutions

Congratulations to Svoboda and friends for capturing the flag in Kviv! One hopes they can keep and expand their gains; my personal hope is for all international phoney boundaries to be redrawn and redivided to reflect actual ethno-national boundaries, as might be established after long and violent struggles, in a state of peace by exhaustion. I think this process will occur, at some variation of pace and violence, and Ukraine provides almost perfect lab-example. We need to provide a fast, but relatively non-violent solution to the question of legitimacy, or more to the point, legitimize the actual undisputed top-dog.

Boxing is much older and more proven than Ukrainian democracy, and a much less ugly and corrupt history. Indeed, boxing is practically uncorruptable compared to any other means of choosing leaders. Ladies and Germs, I propose a new (probably ancient if I know my Greeks) meme: Pugilocracy! I could only find one non-circular reference on google, an inactive blog, carabiner. But that was in another context, and I'm proposing not just that leaders be chosen by fair, unarmed combat, but that these guys fight each other in lieu of war, saving large fortunes in waste and opportunity costs, and the advertising revenue would be immense, probably making the whole enterprise self-financing.

1. Klitschko fights giant Russian MP, Nikolay Valuev* 

 This fight is actually a long standing proposal, pre-dating the current crisis.  I don't even care who gets what, (ideally Klitschko wins, he gets western Ukraine, loses, gets all Ukraine. Joking...) because they could sell the fight on world-wide television and make enough to buy Ukraine outright. The betting pool would  probably revive the European economy. America's too, if it were marketed right.

2. Run a boxing tournament open to all Ukrainians. Much local excitement. Klitschko wins anyway, Ukraine goes back to being West Virginia, and east-west problem remains. I guess I should have titled this A Kwic'nEasy Ukraine Solution. What's needed is a Ukrainian Don King, in the unlikely event there aren't dozens of them.

*I don't care for rap, and I've never watched three minutes of boxing at one time before, but this is a pretty kick-ass video, and now that guy is a member of Parliament. Democracy sometimes works

Saturday, March 1, 2014

One Pill Makes You Wider

I was going to open with a reference to Ambrose Bierce on God, Geography and the American people; a well-known and much referenced quote that like so much on the internet, turns out not to be true. Blogging turns out to be annoyingly difficult. I think in paragraphs, but I can only write in single characters. The paragraph loses it's middle and sometimes it's entire coherence in constructing the first phrase. But if I just tried to vomit the entire hairball at one time, and got something wrong in the first premise, then it's start over, patch up, or quit. This essay, so far, is a good example... [knocks over mic, spills water, feedback...]

I'm now like the bushman in the movie, clinging to the Only Known Truth, in his case a pepsi bottle dropped from a plane, in mine, the suspicion that much of the little that I know is actually wrong. I have a lot of things I believe provisionally, and only a handful of hardcore beliefs, so I'm never going to be an effective advocate for anything, but I can take note of anomalous bullshit and try to explain things in light of those few things of which I am sure e.g. neocons are liars, socialists are thieves, politics is corrupt, etc. Since all of these groups and many others are not going away, and in fact are quite successful so far in getting their way, it would seem to be irrational, indeed against the Stoic commandment to not waste one's energy on hopeless causes, to continue to even bitch about it. Maybe they just have information I'm not privy to.

But when I read about the antics of our Elite, in spite of my lack of full information, I don't get the impression of people competently serving the best interests of the voters and taxpayers, but rather a strong suspicion of systematic and across-the-board abuse of these groups to the advantage of favored clients. Libertarians for several generations have been asking nicely to please stop wrecking the world and making us pay for it; to no effect when in the past "they" would bother to lie and cover up, now they don't even bother pretending. In Justin Raimondo's Bizarro world the radical elite try to undermine and overthrow themselves while the conservative rabble work twice as hard to preserve what's left of the pre-post-modern civilization and vote in their own replacements. EUSSA becomes new Soviets; Russia becomes new bastion of Reaction.

How convenient for NRx to arise at just this period of polarity reversals. Future historians will regard Moldbug as a mirror image of what we think of Toqueville; bookends, really, marking the beginning and end of monoculture democracy. Unless the skins actually take over Western Ukraine; cause that would be awesome, especially if it spreads.

"Is your hate pure?"