Saturday, March 15, 2014

Angst vor der Braunen

A rare Saloon piece that veers towards objectivity in the service of Angst vor der braunen. It's the reverse of they live glasses, that are removed temporarily to view reality, in order to direct the readers' attention back towards Progress. It perfectly illustrates the weakness and internal illogic of the American side, and is especially effective in referring back to [CFR link] fault-line document, warning the Americans to stop their silly habits of following the advice of the CFR.

It really seems to validate the bionic mosquito's impression that the elite have shifted their support away from neocons, due to the danger posed by the stupidly antagonistic and expansionistic policies of the latter. Just as the threat of nuclear annihilation kept the PTB somewhat in check for fifty years, the threat of non-nuclear doomsday posed by setting the world on fire trying to selectively burn the third world underbrush, and managing with intent to destroy the only actual hard military power that can protect them from their own policies.

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