Friday, August 30, 2013

It Usually Begins with Moldbug

I’ve been meaning to write something simply outlining my limited understanding of NR in the short period since I discovered that moldbuggery had started to expand exponentially after UR began to sputter when he became a father. I had been quite startled to randomly discover an unexplained reference to the Cathedral and realize that it had actually escaped to the wild and had begun to grow and mutate and seemingly mingle DNA with WN and alt-right. I think the biological equivalent is called a chimera [Journal of Chimerical Theory - recall most mutations do not survive, but I don't think it's too early to say "It lives!"]
I’ve been quite happy swinging casually from link to link but have been looking for a more structured or formal collection of sources as the chrome bookmark system seems to be very rudimentary. I had come across this graphic representation of the antiversity previously, but typically lost the URL to the void, but was fortunate to blunder back to find the author is contemplating just such a structure. It is exciting to watch this develop and I hope that it gains sufficient strength before the townspeople (how I hate them) gather with the torches and pitchforks. Usually by the time I find out about something it’s already passed, but since it’s not really something new but more rediscovered, I’m pitching  something crypto-lovecraftian along the lines of “Arkham Antiversity Journal of Unicameral Theory and Applied Practice with Syllabus of Archaic and Obscure Political Knowledge”. Or if that’s too long, “The New Necronomichronical Review”.