Wednesday, February 13, 2013 Shows the Future of the Internet


My comment on the "con"troversy.

An unfortunate instance of cybersquatting gone wrong. You get to keep the IP address, correct? You can see that this further damages Ron's reputation when "they" are doing everything to obliterate his legacy. This has a strong odor of blackmail, also gone wrong, or why is this issue in the public eye?

After the money bombs, a lot of people became alerted to the monetary awards aspects of the revolution. While scaring the crap out of the PTB, it also encouraged a lot of fleas to hop on the hound (cough-Rand-cough). You're not a flea, are you? The retired Ron Paul you want back is over. The newly freed RP is smart, angry, and going to kick more honkey ass than ever.

Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

To see how this ends, go to

[Update 6:20 pm. Can't check my comment on; looks like the entire post was taken down. The comments weren't going their way]

 "The website is back!
   Really, I mean - it's back! After approximately 4 years of the GoDaddy parking page. It's a long        story but suffice to say I am having to clear out a lot of cob webbs and teach myself HTML and CSS again. Forgot how fun it is.
Anyway folks, I'll start putting content up as soon as I can. Thanks for visiting!
Copyright 2012 by Kimberly L. Campbell"

This is a joke, right? I especially love the copyright and TM. Marvelous! Evidently the legal world is immune to irony.

I think the present domain registration system will be reworked when IP is redone, that is soon, as these anomalies become increasingly problematic. In my opinion, there needs to be a parallel structure for routing small files (text and photo, generally), separate from the band-width hogs such as video and (cumulatively, phones), and separate from all the peripheral crap that attaches itself to every page; adsense ad nausea, etc. I think it should (and to a large extent, is now) controllable at the client level, maybe subscriptions to lists that resolve IP addresses at the client and bypass the surveilled sector entirely (preferably running on distributed multiply redundant RF networks).

The one thing I could do to make this post valuable is to go back and track down the unknown article I read about the coming IP lockdown. It scared me enough to not bookmark it. d'oh!

[Update 6:25 - working my way to IP nirvana, I have determined that the net is poised for two major re-engineerings; 128-bit IP addresses and IPv6, and a major tweek to the BGP, which is the subject of the piece I'm still looking for. The broader topic is router hijacking and how (ex. Syria) sections of the net can and have been blacked out. This article explains how the process can be used down to individual addresses. I'm sorry for doing my research backwards, but a fascinating topic that will make a nice post, I think, if I can find the flushugganer article -  a stem of alt-rt maybe..

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