Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Candyman Kant *

The internet can

What can scare you shitless, confirming all your fears;
Immanentize the eschaton after just a few beers?

What can teach you history, show you why that's wrong,
and sell you back your memories for ninety cents per song?

The internet reveals the onion and it's peels,
increasingly mysterious,
'till you're convinced you're delirious,
nobody takes you serious.

Might as well do the dishes.

What can make you angry, puzzled yet convinced,
suspecting that your brain's been washed, awaiting final rinse.

All the stuff that happens as if by accident,
who can say what someone said he thought he knew it meant.

The internet can.
The internet can 'cause it breaks into chunks and makes the world seem screwed.

* "Despite massive intelligence, Immanuel Kant had never married..."

Yeah, despite.

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