Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Once a Big Molicepan

"As RNC reboots, Prince Riebus reaches out to the Ron Paul liberty movement

 This is a pretty amazing headline. After stomping all over the RP movement and doing everything up to and including the destruction of the GOP, now this fucking alien weirdo with the most obviously made up pseudonym in history would like to gain our support to defeat the evil democrat who is just like him in every way (except slightly better tanned). AS IF! How about;

Lucy Van Pelt Promises to let Charlie Brown Kick Ball, "Next Time, For Sure!"

Republicans suck so bad that if Obama doesn't follow through with the gun nonsense and the stupid aggression against Iran, the openly communist of our two communist parties will probably rule for a generation, or at least two months until the wheels come off the economy. The Stupid Party morphs into the Ridiculous Party.

So now, undercover hazbarim Samuel Goldman rises In Defense of Rinsed Prepuce and the "Autopsy" Report, to which I replied;

"Pretty hilarious – these clowns just spent the last year or twenty driving the constitutionalists and their millions of donated dollars out of the party, but they don’t want to alienate their “base”. Can anyone explain why we need two open-border, welfare/warfare, authoritarian busybody parties serving the MIC? Wouldn’t it be easier (and more honest) to quit, go home and get real jobs? Hey, Priepuse, they’re hiring in Williston".

Ron Paul supporters to Prince Riebus - "Suck It Dry!"

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