Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sometimes, You Bite the Bear

I was quite concerned to see Trump talking about "Red Lines" in response to the latest obvious false flag chemical weapons massacre in Syria. His skepticism of the prevailing narrative is well known, so i was quite surprised that he would so quickly seem to drop it in Assad's lap. I've seen quite a lot of commentary to the effect that he knows what he's doing, and his being several steps ahead of his opponents, playing 3-d chess, etc., but I have to confess that I was losing faith in the guy, and even Vox Day was getting a little wobbly -

"At some point, Donald Trump is going to have to realize that there is a reason the neocons and their global policeman approach failed:"

Fortunately, The Conservative Treehouse has a good explanation of Trump's strategy;

" Knowing the rather extensive ground work that has already taken place, there’s no immediate reason to believe Putin and Assad do not recognize President Trump’s larger strategy."

I guess I'm just not used to a President that can be trusted. It has been nearly 30 years since we've had one that didn't totally suck. Here I go hoping again...

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