Saturday, November 27, 2010

Displayin' Around

I was trying to figure what, if anything, the Stats on Blogger could tell me, and the only data that seemed significant (besides the fact that most of my hits were my own; like looking in the toilet before flushing, I guess) was that most of the hits were referred from So I went there and it's russian only which sent me searching for a translater, and eventually to google translate, which is frickin' amazing, and where I've wasted many hours since, but still don't know what is, other than a russian AOL or the like.

In the event, I noticed that some of the russian pages offered google translation, so I translated this page at random, just playing around (bolshoi brat; I love it!) and just skimming it, saw "Yandex", which I had recently searched for... the hairs on my neck literally pricked up!

"Nothing prevents also recognize all conversations and save them in text form, and then search for keywords like "Yandex" searches on the Internet. Intelligence services are able to fully control what you say. And since the recorded conversations of everyone, you can quickly compare the texts of calls different people to find out with whom you spoke. So we can calculate all the people with whom you were talking ever (not just on the phone)"

Even creepier, I couldn't get a translation of the word, yandex, in english, so I'm assuming it means "nothing to see here, keep moving". Think I'll go unplug my router, now. Just kidding. I like paranoia; it feels sort of like bad coke. Naturally, skimming the rest of the page are references to the joos, I'm seriously wondering if anti-semitism makes one nuts, or vice-versa.

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Спасибо понравилось !