Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Like a Sharp Stick in the All-Seeing Eye

The Daily Bell has had a series of pieces discussing whether Wikileaks may be a mis/disinformation front. I personally don't think so, and am continuing to take it provisionally (as one should take most of what's on the 'net, imho) at face value, but whether or not our unseen enemies want some of this released, I'm sure nothing more than embarrassment will result from leaks at his level.The various levels of security may be key to this puzzle, as Wadosy states it - whether Julian Assange is a knowing or unknowing tool.  We can assume there are official levels of security that are effectively unbreachable, and easily imagine groups keeping tabs on the generals and spooks as well, so that the really smart guys probably don't, or even need to, communicate much at all. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.  One should at least entertain the idea that Israel is not at the top of this pyramid, either. 

Brad Manning could be liable to execution or long term imprisonment, but I have the feeling that anyone attempting to expose the really high level dope would simply never be heard from again. I obviously have no idea how many layers there are on the onion, but this stuff is just the skin. I'm grateful for Wikileaks, however. He may not crush all the bastards, but they should be on notice that the world is watching and we're not in a good mood.


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