Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hang the Black Crepe

I'm sure the let-bygones-be-bygones crowd in Serbia and Afghanistan will pray for the rapid recovery and continuing good health of their esteemed benefactor, Richard Holbrooke, whose great heart has been strained by his efforts on behalf of all enlightened people everywhere.http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-12-12/holbrooke-s-artery-tear-life-threatening-painful-doctors-say.html
Not me, though - I'm hoping he has a long and painful transition to the ultimate abode of liars and murderers.

Update -

And now this giant has passed; too soon, too soon! (I had hoped he'd suffered at least to the point of self-awareness - maybe he did, but it seems unlikely), considering... “Yugoslavia’s tragedy was not foreordained,” he wrote. “It was the product of bad, even criminal, political leaders who encouraged ethnic confrontation for personal, political and financial gain.” Projection much? 
Then, this howler;
  He said the U.S. “pursued a policy that would have denied Vietnam to the enemy only as long as our ground troops remained, but would not have left the Saigon government strong enough to survive on its own. When we send our young men and women overseas to fight for their country, we must be sure they’re really fighting for our vital national security interests.
High praise from the clueless flows like the River Lethe;
   “One of his friends and admirers once said that, ‘If you’re not on the team and you’re in his way, God help you,’” President Barack Obama said in a statement. “Like so many presidents before me, I am grateful that Richard Holbrooke was on my team, as are the American people.”

It must be comforting to believe in a just God that will frog march this bastard past the long lines of innocents he helped send on ahead. The rest of us will just have to get by on schadenfreude. 
"Madame Secretary, Charon has saved a seat for your bolshoi(vek) ass".
I hope his shadow passes over all the Wikileaked memo writers on it's way below.

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