Friday, December 10, 2010

Ask Dr. Stupid - Who is Vox Populi?

Paulo Finagle  from Ebola, KY asks, "Who is Vox Populi?"  (Which begs the question my grandfather asked me when I wanted to know how to blow up stumps with fertilizer and fuel oil, evidently a common agricultural practice in the old days, "What do you want to know for?" [He never did tell me. Although he wasn't above ending a sentence with a preposition, grampa just didn't like hippies.])

Well, Paulo, since you ask Who is, rather than What is, I think you meant to ask "Who is Vox Popoli?" because Vox Populi (voice of the people) is not the website of Vox Day (pun, I believe, on vox dei - the voice of god) "Featuring Vox Day, Internet Superitelligence, AWCA". A bit of googling reveals that AWCA can mean many things; American Working Collie Association (he might well have a working collie, how the hell would I know? Superintelligences don't usually blog about their damn dogs!), Asian Women's Christian Association (probably not, I know he's a Christian, but his wife may not approve of him associating with Asian Women. On the other hand I happen to know that Mr. Finagle likes Asian Women A LOT, so there's that...), Aetna Workers' Comp Association (ummm...probably not), Ah, Bingo! Arizona Wing Chun Association, "Includes Information on Christianity and Martial Arts". Is there anything Google doesn't know? I don't know; I'm answering questions, not asking them.

I just noticed, anyway, that the banner on his site is Vox Popoli, which is a town in Italy, and he lives in Italy, and when I entered it into Google Translate the first time I misspelled it, and got back "popolo" 


popolo,  (Italian: “people”), in the communes (city-states) of 13th-century Italy, a pressure group instituted to protect the interests of the commoners (actually, wealthy merchants and businessmen) against the nobility that up to then had exclusively controlled commune governments. It was one of a number of groups competing for power in the commune and in some cities succeeded in dominating the government in the late 13th century.

Now if I were Dr. Adeguatamente-Intelligente, I might know whether Popoli comes from popolo, because that would be pretty cool if Vox lived in a town named after a  group instituted to protect the interests of actually, wealthy merchants and businessmen, because that's what libertarianism is all about, plus smoking weed!

See how I spend my time? What a Yutz. Oh, well, I got another blog topic besides Julian Assange.
Short answer: Vox Popoli is the middle-finger of God.

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