Friday, December 10, 2010

I Wish I'd Said This When I First Meant To

I was enraged when I first started hearing that Wikileaks had endangered American agents and sources in Afghanistan, but I couldn't quite put it into words, just a lot of spitting and cussing and wondering how I could express my true feelings toward unfortunate Afghanis and others that were helping the US war on terra. Something along the lines of "The Russian and Cuban troops are only trying to bring peace and justice to Colorado and the U.S., therefore Patrick Swayze and his buddies are terrorists and anyone with information should be encouraged to turn them over to the proper authorities in return for a ham and a case of budweiser. " Or something like that.

Fortunately for everyone, I don't need to, because one of the "ilk" at Vox Popoli pretty much nailed it.
(If you have the time, read the whole piece and the comments. The pro-State Secrets side had a pretty bad time of it, and hilariously, couldn't even tell when they'd been flattened. Telling quote from one victim - "This is why I prefer fighting to debate."

 12/8/10 8:15 AM
I fail to see what everyone is upset about. They have a illegitimate bastard government committing illegitimate bastard deeds ... abroad AND at HOME. It ignores our constitution at will and it ignores you. While we are accelerating into a complete police state and getting groped and fondled to boot and ripped off our labor and our future... We are now even entertained by Big Brother in the check out lanes by Big Brother teleprompter ... who cares that our government gets embarrassed and caught with its pants down. All this crap has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the STATE ... the illegitimate bastard whose only interest is to grow ... and if it has to put your in a prodding pen and throw away the key ... well then, to hell with you. You are nothing ... the STATE is everything. And you defend that STATE?

May it burn.

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