Saturday, December 18, 2010

Untethered - Abandoned and Scuttled, Refloated?

I'm not sure how I discovered Dennis Dale, I think from occasional entries on the American Conservative blog, where wit is nowhere listed on the menu, (Sorry DL, but you put the pond in ponderous), so the clever bits stood out like, [insert cliched simile here]. I was to find at Untethered a really unique voice and obvious talent; what I felt the 'net should be. Imagine if Christopher Hitchens weren't a communist asshole and had a sense of humor. When I first discovered it, I went back and read every entry, not to try to figure out where he was coming from, the reason I went back through the Moldbug archives, but just to groove on the voice and unique mind behind it.

So, I was quite dismayed when I checked back to find his announcement that he had terminated the blog, and again when I later checked and found he had deleted everything. Dismayed, because if a well-informed, articulate and genuinely clever writer had not only quit but had taken the trouble to cover his tracks, there was obviously no reason for yours truely, who is none of those, to continue strewing my mess in plain view of virtually tens (if blogger stats are any indication, and I'm afraid they are) of readers. Also his admission in his suicide note that he "never really liked you" was practically aimed between my eyes, because I quite sure that's what many people would say were I masochistic enough to ask.

You can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when I checked back today (by fortuitous accident really - I was having trouble spelling 'tethered") and found not only new entries, but his archive restored.
Frabjus day! I'm going back there right now to see if I missed anything, and then learn more about google cache, in case he changes his mind again. I suggest that you do likewise.

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