Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Unamusing, Off-Topic, Drive-By Comment

on an otherwise great column, on an important subject by Kelly Vlahos at Antiwar.

"All respect to Kelly, but don't be tricked into actually watching the Gauntlet. Clint made several stinkers with his girlfriend at the time, Bugeyes, and one, Josie Wales, was awesome in spite of her presence, but this was beyond excusable - they escape from a house that is completely demolished by small arms fire to the point of collapse because it has a sewer pipe large enough to crawl through that leads and opens into a convenient ravine, he shoots down a chopper with a pistol (Stallone!), and drives a bus through several hundred cops firing automatic weapons but nobody shoots the tires, even accidently.
Do not view, even on a bet, (except for Josie Wales) ANY Sondra Locke film. Fair warning on The Gauntlet; Worst Movie Ever!"

I should restrain my comic book guy alias Jeff Albertson, but she touched a nerve. Locke later sued Eastwood for derailing her career. AS IF... Evidently, she's a Country Singer, now. Imagine a film about a Musical about a song about a career in film and music. Does it never end?

All-time WME is maybe smokey and the bandit II - even dom deluise couldn't save it.
I wonder why those 60's and 70's movie's all suck so bad. They blew the script budget on coke? The writers blew the script budget on coke?

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