Wednesday, January 16, 2013

You Know What Would Be Awesome

My opinions of most politicians are greatly influenced by the opinions of their enemies. The only positive opinions I have of Obama result from the enmity of the Warfare crowd. I had expected him to be more subservient, but the mere fact that he may not be dependable in the quest for expansion of the empire, although a pretty low bar, is adequate.

So/but now he's recommending "common sense" (Is that back in style?) need for more "background checks" on gun-buyers. I hope they want to see everyone's "long form" birth certificate. Works well for driver's licenses, green cards and SS, too!

Now that the French are returning to their proper role as colonial world revolutionaries bringing civilization to the unenlightened, instead of the other-way-around for a change, "we" can start concentrating on domestic problems. With any luck the economy will implode again when the decreased sales in small arms and ammo kicks the GDP negative. Hopefully, Obama will have his hands full sending out SNAP cards and housing vouchers when there are no more producers and nothing more to tax. "Over-reach" is in the democrats' DNA, just as "Underwhelm" is surely in the republicans'. Something went dreadfully wrong in England about 500 years ago, I, and others more erudite and articulate, suspect.

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