Wednesday, January 23, 2013

CIA, cutting losses, to sell NYT to Tony Soprano


Ariana ought to put in a bid. She's on a bit of a roll, and probably has more COH than chump. I heard he was bankrupt. Seriously, how do you come back from real bankrupt? get a loan from the "special" bank that doesn't care about assets or collateral or balance sheets, plus getting to continue to use the shit that you don't  technically own and your hundreds of creditors all say that's ok tony, pay me back when you're flush, and the sluts are pressing in so close you can barely get a hand free to sign more checks with.

 "Hell yeah I can run a money losing propaganda rag. I've known enough MILF to know how to break a old gray lady down like a shotgun. Clean 'er breech to muzzle. Increase circulation british style. They invented class, you know."

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