Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"Watch where you're pointing that thing, Ollie!"

Hoo boy, poor old Huckleberry! I'm surprised he didn't see that coming, considering other Arkansans who've been on both ends of the stick.  Maybe he didn't think they'd do it to a preacher, or he still hasn't figured out that it's the Republicans turn to take a dive like Kerry did. 
(btw- did anyone else pick up that kid that got tazed in Florida was asking Kerry why he didn't even try in '04, and the way Kerry just kept droning on his speech while the cops swarmed the screaming kid?)

 I think Kerry's trying to tell us that the worst part of surrender to the borg is having to fake enthusiasm, something Romney and Huck are going to have to figure out.  The other Republicans except Paul, are suitably grim visaged, as if they know they're the goat this time, "taking one for the team", remember Dole? 

 I wish I knew more sports terminology. What's the guy called that takes the dive in boxing?  Diver? Designated loser? Whatever, we're lucky the other Clinton isn't running again.

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