Friday, December 21, 2007

As if further proof were needed

The story was that the Army was beefing up its weapons distribution system, increasing the staff from six to seventy and bringing in a general from the Reserve. This could be for two reasons, either stuff was not properly accounted for, or it wasn't going out fast enough, or (probably) both. My theory, that nothing happens politically by accident, leads me to assert that the entire Iraq project was simply to introduce chaos to the region and to keep the military there until the chaos becomes self-sustaining. There is a plausible case to be made that circumstances were such that we needed to get cash in circulation so fast that we couldn't account for it; eight-to-twelve Billion is what I've heard. Occam's razor cuts away all but the most likely explanation, graft and corruption; however they were trying to bootstrap a dollar economy, and they needed to kill the native currency (or absorb it by favorable conversion rates). Okay, I don't like it, but I'll accept it.

It's a much different matter with weapons though. I'm assuming we're talking about small arms. If we're giving anyone heavy or sophisticated weapons, all bets are off, except it lends even more support for my diplomacy by arson theory. So we're giving arms and money to purchase arms to those we already know to be corrupt and/or infiltrated by those we're fighting before, now and in the future. The newly beefed-up supply operation is to try to direct the aid to approved individuals or groups and keep it out of the hands of all others. To me, especially considering the recent withdrawl of the British, the timing and apparent (oh, sorry Sen. McCain), the success of the surge, it looks like we're hurrying up arming the Sunnis, so that we can withdraw to the bases (or completely if President Paul takes over) and wait until the Iraqis sort things out. That is, completely destroy themselves and as many Kurds, Turks, Syrian, and Persians as possible, sign on oil deal with whoever's still standing, and start pumping! Who's your daddy?

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