Sunday, December 30, 2007

Et tu, Pat?

The recent series of open letters to Ron Paul doubters on prompts me to write my own to Pat Buchanan.  I can't decide on what kind of tone I should take, though, so I'm just going to ask why he isn't loudly and enthusiastically supporting Ron Paul.

I saw him on CSPAN/Sirius's POTUS08 and he was given the opportunity to say who he favors and he did mention Ron Paul, although couched in typical "I disagree with some of his policies" tepid support.  This was after Pat explained that he (Buchanan) had left the Republican Party in 2000 and that they did not reward disloyalty.  He also said that it looks like the surge is working and we couldn't just pull out of Iraq.  He's carrying Bush's water after having opposed all of Bush's policies, when he just admitted that they never forget or forgive. 

What is Pat up to? The only thing that I can think is that he loves his present position as "cranky conservative elder" media guy and wants to maintain his credibility if Paul goes down in flames.  I don't want to believe that because the Paul candidacy IS the Buchanan revolution. I hope he's just keeping his powder dry, but c'mon eileen! I maxed my donations to the Buchanan campaign when he won NH and then the Republican establishment locked arms against him.  I remember quite clearly.  Why doesn't he?

 Pat - march toward the sound of the guns!

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