Monday, December 31, 2007

Okay, Robert Lindsay is the Third Coolest Commie*, ever

Alexander Cockburn is really the coolest commie after Limonov. Cockburn's end-0f-year retrospective on 07, has got me ready to storm the bastille.  On the bushes, the democrats, horowitz, dershowitz, chrisopher hitchens, imus, sharpton... down they go like ducks in a galley.
Surprising support for the second amendment, a most fair-minded (but wrong) defense of hucabee and two good Ron Paul plugs. Seriously, read the whole thing.

*living, Robert Lindsay is the third coolest living commie, ever. but only because he's temporarily sidetracked by some genome hair-splitting field trip, after which I'm sure he'll be rested up and ready to rrrawk!

update - he's back and battlin' (after the VA loan post) the bad guys.  Glad to see I'm not the only one with photo issues on blogger.

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Robert Lindsay said...

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