Sunday, February 5, 2017

Mr. Limonov says (Live Journal)

Donald trump is offended by all
He offended the Prime Minister of Australia — he hung up in a conversation with him. It turns out that it took Obama signed with Australia an agreement on the adoption of migrants from Australia to the United States.
Trump has offended the President of Mexico that insists on building a wall between USA and Mexico. And stated that it would impose high tariffs on Mexican goods, which will pay for the construction of the wall. That is, he will keep his promise to build a wall between the two countries at the expense of Mexico.
Trump has hurt Muslims all over the world and especially the Muslims of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen — that forbade them entry into the United States. While some on three, some on four months... But for this prohibition are viewed more severe measures against Muslims.
Trump has hurt the liberal intelligentsia of the United States — all the freaks of the USA, like Madonna (the alias it, think about — blasphemy!), all filthy-rich rock-n-rolldice, all Actresses and actors in Hollywood, the fabulously wealthy in this country, people are extremely unruly manners and do not want these customs to change.
Trump many offended anyone. And, it seems, even his wife Melani: she disappeared in new York with the son of the Baron and the public have not seen her since the day of inauguration, that is since January 20. The last time the winner of the husband she's unhappy, almost crying face.
"What drama lies behind her disappearance?" — thinking we are.
I do not whether the couple broke up under the heavy burden of the American presidency?
Or Melanie had deliberately removed? Leaving her husband to fulfill his military duty to elect his American red necks, quilted jackets, or the "plebs", if we can call it voter-Roman.
Maybe the Melanya generally a member of the Democratic party of the United States and therefore looked so unhappy at the inauguration of her husband a Republican?
Harsh husband is a man's job in the oval office, sitting with solemn and gloomy view of the table. Made History.
Indicative in this sense one picture. Trump sits with antediluvian handset in hand, to the antediluvian apparatus zmeitsya wire. Around, as in ancient paintings or outdated pictures, several groups deliberately located his colleagues.
Sitting in the chair, the Vice-President Mike Pence c silver hair on a young face of a boxer, just behind Advisor Stephen Bannon (similar to rocker Zharikova, group DK, the once ally of Zhirinovsky) and an attractive spokesman Sean Spicer. Complete a couple of generals in civilian clothes, one of them — marine General, Michael Flynn.
The photo looks strikingly old-fashioned, like it belongs to the time of some of Nixon.
Maybe old-fashioned proves that the us policy returned to the traditional male style of American politics?
And bill Clinton with the saxophone and with his eternal Lewinsky's twin sister (+ her blue dress) or Obama walking across the White house lawn a dancing gait of a jazz musician or a dancer — it was unconventional episodes? It was "flower children" in politics?
That may be so. Probably so.
Obama conducted the maiden city politics for Madonna and Hollywood frondiruyuschie of Actresses, huh, for all these Oscar-winning Meryl Streep ?
Let's finally see what it is.
The period of lax frivolity, superiority of Hollywood Madam and broken young hipsters, the third floor and two popes in the family, but without my mom passed.
America has covered the North heavy wind of masculinity. Manhood, if in Russian.
And no demonstration of feminists, lesbians, third gender, fourth gender, transgender, the heirs of the hippies and people from their environment, the old order will not save. Just the Story turned to their masculine side, and there came the new period of glaciation, a new ice age. And the chief of his — Donald trump.
And he sits in the oval office of the White house and with a serious face signed the decrees. Well you dream, dream of impeachment, make a bet in a bookmakers. But wipe your eyes before you sign. Here he is sitting in the oval office.
Actually, if you look, it's all our fault, we and the Caliphate.
The Caliphate challenged its ferocity, and we, the cold edge of Europe only took the call first answered him the same power ferocity, flew to the middle East and became primitive and honestly to bomb the Caliphate from the top.
Grappled with them.
All the rest bustled, meanly, shouted, screamed at forums and ceremonies, and their shrieks nothing at all against the iron foot ancient lizard — Caliphate could not help it.
And it showed the whole planet that we are responsible only to the Caliphate to a man. Well, we have found admirers and fans.
In fact, Russia is a model for trump, and President Putin — his ideal.
Although I admit to idealize the Russian strong man Putin, Donald trump could not: his mixed with the manure for it, beaten McCain with homemade, swollen from the whiskey pale faces, peck.
At the airport in new York with slogans, pretending to meet Muslim passengers, are advanced and civilized overtolerance new Yorkers. Slogans these are:
Welcome! ("Welcome!"), Love not hate! ("Love, not hatred!"). The last slogan — straight from the era of the revolution of colors: "Make love, not war!"
But no one came. And those who came were not allowed.
Trump and Putin will meet in the near future.
The whole world will be quickened beating of the heart.
Suddenly we all needed. And all of a sudden we realized.
The candidate from "just right" on the presidential elections in France, françois Fillon proposes closer ties between Germany, France and RUSSIA.
Well it is clear: trump wants to use us in their struggle with China, and Europe wants us to have on your side in the tug of war with the United States.
To quote another visit — about us:
"It is a huge country, which is not to be taken lightly... Who in their right mind to enter into conflict with Russia?"
And that is true — who ?


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