Monday, February 6, 2017

Eduard Limonov in the Land of the Blind

It seems that the older I get the less I know, This makes blogging rather difficult to the extent that one wishes to avoid "on the one hand,...on the other hand... blah blah"

Limonov avoids this very neatly by taking a strong position and sticking with it, even through beatings and jail, and where he seems to say what I'm thinking, even in rough machine-translation, I'm inclined to merely re-blog his efforts, even as I hope he is wrong, and fear he is not...

Trump, but not the same...
Two weeks after the inauguration.
Not a hundred days, but the basic trends are already clear. And they are not encouraging.
Well, hell with it, but Donald trump would not speak so long on the phone with Poroshenko. Shorter would that the Russians did not compare the duration of conversations with Poroshenko and Putin.
Ambassador to the UN has said that sanctions against Russia will be lifted only if Russia returns Crimea to Ukraine.
In the United States are well aware that the return of Crimea to Ukraine — as incredible as it is, and the return of Mexico, Northern California, for example. But demagogically claim, is another matter
Trump doesn't seem so peaceful foreign policy.
At that time, as Russia, Turkey and Iran again come together in Astana, trying to solve the problem of war in Syria, the United States under the new administration, serves not peaceful signals, and not against the Caliphate (Islamic State) but against one of the enemies of the Caliphate against Iran.
Last week, the White House suddenly held a press conference , Michael Flynn, the new national security adviser, General of the marine corps.
The whole world was expecting to see next to trump, so to speak, the "new Americans", and Michael Flynn is not like new American, but terribly reminiscent of old American. Lieutenant-General of Marines under Obama
"We officially warn Iran", — began his speech before journalists General Flynn. And cited as reasons for dissatisfaction with the US Iran — Iran tests ballistic missiles, and allegations that Iran is behind the attack of the rebels-Houthis in Yemen, on Saudi patrol boat.
Flynn cited these examples as "evidence of the destabilizing behavior of Iran in the middle East", he also stressed "the failure of the Obama administration to respond adequately to the hostile acts of Tehran".
The newly elected President did not hide his irritation with Iran, something unknown in his following statement more — the greed of the businessman, or the rage of the American imperialist
"Iran is occupying Iraq with ever increasing speed, even after the United States has spent there three billion dollars".
Trump recently indirectly supported by his national security adviser, speaking in the spirit".ofcourse line to talk about military intervention before it starts". Showed his craftiness and warned about his treachery to the middle East have lived in fear.
Now Iran has all the rights to believe that the missiles "Tomahawk" may fly to Tehran in the coming days.
The Washington Post on Thursday published an article where there are such lines: "President trump promotes power politics, which seems to be increasingly moving away from traditional diplomacy, he has concentrated decision-making in a small group of supporters who are quick promoting a new approach to the world where "America — the beginning"".
According to the "Wall Street Journal", the supporters of the trump called its policy and its methods, the policy of "shock and horror"
Externally, the new U.S. aggressiveness focused yet on Iran, but at the same time continues and the conflict policy towards China. And the plans of his associates trump not hide.
Stephen Bannon (you can also say Bannon) — comes from the American extreme right wing think tank, he was considered the ideologist of Donald trump in December of last year, immediately after the victory of trump's choice — revealed part of the card:
"The United States will enter the war in the Chinese inland sea in 5 or 10 years"....
And what?
Only frivolous Russia, and its mostly frivolous politicians, unable to believe what trump recently spoke about Russia in a more or less friendly tone
Russia trump just intends to use in its struggle with China.
Trump's attitude to Russia — only temporarily soothing, designed to ease the aggression of the United States in other places of the planet.
If Moscow does not act in the interests of the United States, it's her turn to pay for it coming soon as well.
Open your eyes, citizens!
Particularly widely, I beg you, open your eyes you, is the all — powerful solvers of our destinies.

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