Thursday, November 8, 2012

Whither Hence, "American Conservative"?

Has anyone found any alien pods under the desks of the new "crop" of bloggers at the American Conservative? Is Ron Utz devoting too much of his attention to his vanity projects? Is there an editor in the house? This is just unreal. According to Scott Galupo, Republicans are going to resist letting the Bush tax cuts expire and instead are okay with eliminating all deductions and loopholes, because that won't be "raising taxes". Sounds weird, right? How about some quotes? My brackets...

     "The House GOP has signaled it’s not ready to budge on those rates. So we’re left with that big pot of tax expenditures, which, via the Romney-Ryan campaign, Republicans have tacitly committed to tackling." [If that's true, we're extra-lucky Romney lost!]

    "So here’s what I’m thinking could be the outline of a fiscal cliff-averting deal. Call it the Romney-Ryan plan without the rate cuts. It would give Obama the revenue he wants, [Oy!] and Republicans could at least claim not to have raised tax rates." [Sounds very Clintonian to me.]

     "Perhaps I’m overly optimistic, but I think it’s a deal that both sides could live with. Even more important, I think it would be good for the economy." [No, you're not - both sides could live very well with it,  its not important what you think, let alone more important, (editor!), and it would kill whatever is left of the economy. Quadruple Oy!]

     "Barack Obama and Speaker John Boehner are the two most important people in America right now. My prediction: they will do the right thing, and we will get a deal." [Billy the Kid made a deal with Bill and Ted, too, "Whatever I win, I keep. Whatever you win, I keep." "Sounds good, Mr. the Kid!" said Bill and Ted and Scott Galupo.

Let's see if I can recreate my comment from memory, since they didn't run it for some reason;

"Wrong! Sorry liberal "conservatives" - although, you didn't mention what the taxpayers would get out of the deal (or the Republicans, for that matter), every penny would be spent, and trillions more would be borrowed, monkey business as usual would continue until the wheels fall off the wagon, and then they'll send the goon squad around like the Sheriff of Nottingham, looking for hoarders and tax-evaders. Respectfully [hah!], you're seriously deluded."

Here's a representative quote that they did publish;

Scott Galupo says;
Deduction limits can be structured in such a way that the wealthy [fucking bastards and crooks] take the biggest hit —>
And honest liberals [Hahaha] concede that middle-class taxes will probably need to go up at least somewhat.

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