Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Zaparogian Siech

                                                          "Why am I stalking you?"

This was driving me nuts - I was searching for "Zaparogian Seitch" or Siech, an island stronghold between the Russian and Tatar banks of the Dnieper [evidently Zaparovian and Zaparogian are equivalent], and dumb old google wanted to know if I meant "switch". As if!

(That would be funny if Siech were indexed tomorrow). That's what I get for reading more historical fiction than history.

Also, I forgot to send the "Putin Drools" pic to balance the Limonev Rules.

Sorry if I offended any Progressive девочки (ptitsy in Nadsat, Oh, my brothers), with my crypto-facist remarks.

 I'm really a quiet, nice guy as you can tell by my track suit, gold chains and kepka keblatka.                                            "Не хотите ли семечек?"

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