Sunday, May 29, 2011

Технический сбой

Takimag's revue of the Presidential limo reminded me of a previous post, Technical Excellence*, as the rise of unarmored, but fast and cheap toyota-based weapons platforms intersects the falling benefit/cost of heavy armor, we descend into farce.

"The Beast’s first stop was Ireland, where it was secretly filled up by the Secret Service at a BP station. Its only job would be to take the Obamas from the US Embassy to Moneygall in County Offaly. Sadly, it was not up to the task."

*I recently saw the same truck in another video. It may have been from the same period as the RT video, but it makes me think the "rebels" don't have that many, that it hasn't seen much action and/or it's just a propaganda unit. Uh - what happened to that war anyway?

As the guy who got me started on google translate -"pervych" says,


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