Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ποτέ μην υποβάλει στο ΔΝΤ βιαστές

Okay, then, the Greeks probably won't ever get paid for their already stolen property*, plus 200 years of interest, plus pain, suffering and mental anguish;  Ελληνικό χρέος - πληρωθούν στο ακέραιο, και στη συνέχεια κάποιες!, so I went a googlin' to try and find someone with more credibility than I have trying to explain how and why the Hellenes are being "greeked" and of course the first hit is Alex Jones. I usually take his stuff with bags of salt - his shotgun approach usually puts a few pellets on the bird but you can almost hear the rest of the load rattling in the corn husks, but in this case, in this video, he is 100%.

I've been wondering why the vampires were so interested in all these small-potato economies, especially after they demonstrated their power in the Big Billionaire Bailout in America. Low-hanging fruit? Practice? I got sidetracked by the antiquities angle, and forgot about little things like shipbuilding, industry and good-paying, real jobs in Greece that would be more valuable.

Maybe AJ is a "conspiracy nut", but unless the Greeks want to live on picking olives and bussing tables for the tourists, they better listen up, and Americans better start paying more attention, too, because we don't even have any olive trees. 

* I was doing some more reading on the Elgin Marbles, and it's even worse than I thought; turns out that while the limey's were making off with the loot they dropped some giant equine statue down a 40' cliff and totally destroyed it! "Whoopsie, my bad, governor!" Why not just round up the damages to an even 700 million euros, and after that's paid, discuss further discussion.

Don't be a schmendrick, be a mensch!

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