Monday, January 21, 2008

Follow the MoneyBomb

Watching the Ron Paul MLK money bomb on Ron Paul Graphs my jaw is dropping; right now (11:30 am EST) it's coming in about $2200 per minute! It's already the third biggest day of donations.  I'm amazed that the server doesn't choke, and the charts keep updating in realtime like clockwork. The future is now - "The Revolution will be Digitized", indeed.  When the New Republic fired the Newsletter ABM, backed up enthusiastically by the Orange Line Libertarians, it was like getting punched in the gut.  Fortunately, it really was old news, and the Paul campaign was able to handle it reasonably well even though it seemed to be pretty damaging, timed perfectly before New Hampshire for maximum effect.  I have to grudgingly congratulate the bastards, but I think they fired their only shot, because that crap had been floating around the internet bowl, more or less unnoticed for a couple of months, and I figured they would save it for the general election.  Now, they got nothing, so they're trying to get back to ignoring him. No high fives yet, orcs.

My first opinion of moneybombs was that they were a pointless exercise and would wouldn't really generate more money because people would hold off donating before and after the big day (the charts show this to be true - reverting to the mean), however, the publicity from the huge daily totals was so much greater than anything they could have actually purchased, that I now see them as the stroke of genius they obviously are.  I'm hoping for a massive total today, simply to show the world the truth about Ron Paul's, and by extension our, racism; money talks, bullshit walks. Or, in this case, bullshit crawls along the gutter like Jamie Kirchick coming out of a Reason party at 4:00 am with cum on his chin.  Maggots.

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