Thursday, August 23, 2007

A man, a plan, a canolli

"Don't just stand there, do something!" Although sometimes handy in emergencies, this is not really a way to order your life. Even in emergencies it's best to have at least a rudimentary plan and consider potential consequences of action. Sometimes just standing there is the best course, or at least I tell myself going into my fourth year of unemployment. How can a bum help? you might well arsk.

Although each person has some degree of thought and action, we artificially divide people into doers and thinkers, but each group needs the other. Where would nascar be without spectators? Most nascar drivers don't finish in the top ranks and know they never will but are important to the enterprise. In this sense, even the last guy is a winner. American society has internalized this enterprise ethic.

There are some doers who are regarded as losers, but not by me, because anyone who is trying but not suceeding is still a winner compared to a thinker who does nothing but observe [and make a lot of sarcastic remarks, but this isn't just about me].

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