Friday, August 24, 2007

From Pullo to Pullet

It's ironic that as I get older and inevitably more conservative, I am much more cautious in my personal habits. When I was twenty-five I would routinely pound as six pack and race my motorcycle through heavy traffic to get to the next party. Thirty years later I don't party at all, and drive an SUV at legal rates. Even my father in law thinks I'm boring. This is pretty much par as we get older, but how as a nation did we get to be such pussies? The descendants of the hardy and brave pioneers seem to have become solely concerned with comfort, health and security.

On tv today I see a clip of what looks to be about 15 cops, all with weapons drawn, nervously encircling a large black man waving a knife. I understand that they shot and killed him, although this wasn't shown, probably in the “hail of bullets” mode. I can only conclude that the cops must be really, really afraid of black guys with knives. I have to think it was “suicide by cop” but I don't see how dangerous the guy would have been with a couple of 9mm's in his knees. It's got to be a result of the training police get to shock and awe perps by screaming and trying to intimidate them; the cops end up scaring themselves. Pussies. Dirty Harry never even broke a sweat.

This is one reason we're going to lose in Iraq. We are a nation of paranoid pussies that has to use excessive force in every situation. Our soldiers are brave and tough enough, but the home front is not behind them; as a whole people, we don't have the balls. I'm embarrassed and ashamed to be associated with such a lame bunch.

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