Thursday, July 12, 2012

Let the Kid Go. Please. I'll be your Friend! We can Hang Out. Please, Count Dracula. C'mon, Be a Nice guy! I'll vote for you!

A so'ger boy named Manning, got tired of all the shammin',
and leaked some awful, gruesome videos.
When asked about his Oath. he said he wanted both;
honor and patriotic duty, and so...
he's in the jailhouse now,
he's in the jailhouse now.

I'da told him once or twice;
they'll beat you silly and put your nuts in a vice.
Plus he's in the jailhouse now.

"Prior to 1930, several different versions of it were recorded and copyrighted. The earliest is Davis and Stafford's 1915 version, which has verses about a man named Campbell cheating at a card game, and a corrupt election." -wikipedia

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Anonymous said...

"Rationality will not save us." -- Bob McNamara.

Fer chrissakes, they let Judith Miller out. Can't think of any cunt more deserving of a forced vaginal probe.

Ernie Swivel