Monday, May 21, 2012

Misc. Notes from District Convention

I wish I had recorded the audio of the convention, because I lost the thread when the vote totals were announced, even though I knew that was the critical part to understand. They picked an obvious dimwit, (probably intentionally, so that he or she wouldn't notice that the math didn't work, just my opinion)  to read the totals. She read the totals as percents, ("291.5 per cent")which annoyed me, but at that point I was really hoping that no one made another procedural point. What she was reading were the weighted vote totals, for which I substituted votes, so no big deal, I tried to follow as best I could. Never mind that I had already decided that the weighted formula was obvious bullshit in order to distract the rubes, and, as a rube myself, resented that.

In the event, some hero stood up and called them on the math. This person, I had noticed him earlier, but I couldn't tell if he was an RP guy, doesn't matter, is a mensch, because he almost immediately objected that the numbers didn't add up. Don't let anyone tell you that IQ is not real, I mean, even if I had bothered to follow the math, it probably would have taken me 10 minutes with a calculator and by that time, the non-rubes would already be having a cool one by the pool. So if any one of 5 readers who aren't trying to sell me Russian viagra can forward this to that dude - I'd like to say thank you, Sir, and if you are an RP guy, nice catch. In any case, I must applaud your giant brain. [update 5/21; I've been informed that he was David Ray, and he was not a RP supporter. See smart/non-evil in discussion below]. Although I would not be surprised that some other scam did go down, I feel pretty confident that this was a fairly run count. "Never attribute to Malice, that which can be explained by Stupidity." Well, why not both? It's a team effort, amiright?

It just occurred to me, how much like the really shitty parts of high school this was. Which brings me to, the Parliamentarians. There should be any number, the more the better, I don't care. They should be almost completely quiet. There was a Parliamentarian on the podium. There was at least several loud "seconds" for every motion, many objections and points of order, mostly loud. Some really loud single, "opposed!" Please turn down the volume and rate. No one except other nerds give a shit, and it's a big time waster. Here's a good idea, vote first and dick-fight afterwards. One would suspect the proceedings are dragged out to drive the rubes to the exit. It almost did me, twice...

The resolutions to protect life and promote heterosexual marriage. I hoped everyone would just recite the pledge - just affirm the resolutions; should have taken 10 minutes - tops. To my amazement, many people wanted to debate. Okay, queers getting married is a pretty new thing, but abortion has been legal since 1972, and the Republicans have never done anything about it, even with a Republican president and both houses. That Parrot is dead and gay marriage will follow quickly. It is a scam to get conservatives' donations. I was donating to Michael Farrish 20 years ago. I've never seen anything but symbolic gestures, and the total amount donated and spent on the issue could probably eliminate the deficit. I'm sympathetic to the true believers, but by this time, if you don't get it you're starting to seem kind of, I don't know, "Special"? I don't think I care at all about gays, but I know they're not dangerous, except (rarely) to children. Anyone who hurts a child should be castrated at a minimum, but I'm not in the policy game. Howbout don't ask, don't tell; no harm no fowl, something along those lines. Either way. argue after the voting. They're called "wedge issues" because it feels like your skivs are being jerked hard. No offence, Bible Boyz, but if you're very worried about other peoples' sex lives, you just might do a quick self-check pretty often. I'm just sayin'.

Even though my guy lost in the second round, it was almost worth it to see the bullet-heads all pull together, as one of them told me in a spam afterwards, "take one for the team". "What team might that be?" I wondered, as if I knew I wasn't on it. The three remaining gentlemen withdrew from the "race" and threw their support to the remaining cheerleader, I mean lady. Besides chivalry, I can only imagine their doing this to block the Ron Paul guy. Pretty cool, really, but a desperation move; showed a lot of cards. Pretty much confirmed they are scared. Me like scare dumb jocks. want scare more, thought would be harder. maybe tampa with them. listen to screams of both kind of women, they are no warriors. 

The problem as I see it is that the evil but smart Fairfax Republicans, for example, Tom Davis*, got out while the getting was good, to a well-deserved obscurity, leaving the younger, less experienced pole-climbers to fend for themselves. Logically, this leaves the smart/non-evil types who are more experienced to run things while the dumb/evil fight the dumb/good for the privilege of doing busywork and  ineffective retail politics, hopefully in a position to bully someone. Pretty much just like their real job, but paid in brownie points. You know - morons. I kid because I love.

I went to support Ron Paul and to determine if I could become involved with the FRP in order to have an effect locally. I still need to know if it can be at all useful in county affairs. I doubt it, although this convention didn't specifically address local issues, and the Ron Paul candidacy is skewing them so much that there might be effective core after that plays out. They need help, but I don't think they want it from the likes of me. There were some impressive people there. I'll try to post my positive thoughts next. Then I'm going to look for that Men in Black memory formatter. Brrr...

*Maybe his endorsement helps the meatheads. I scan the endorsement lists for such personages. I consider them deal-breakers

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