Monday, October 6, 2008

Senate Good Guys

The following Senators voted against the BBBBB (Dodd amendment to HR1424).  Again, you should vote to defeat any Senator who is NOT on this list.

Allard  Barrasso  Brownback  Bunning  Cantwell  Cochran  Crapo  
DeMint  Dorgan  Dole  Enzi  Feingold   Inhofe   Johnson  Landrieu  
Nelson, Bill  Roberts   Sanders   Sessions   Shelby  Stabenow  Tester   
Vitter  Wicker  Wyden

Most of these deserve to be defeated because of their support for the Iraq war, but that was then. We have an opportunity to link the next election to this vote and send a clear message that unconstitutional theft under the color of law will be punished.

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