Thursday, November 29, 2007

An interesting discussion of anti-anti-semitism at Taki's Top Drawer by my hero Paul Gottfried.  I'm sorry I can't feel any solidarity, racial or otherwise, with whites as such. Although I know very few non-"whites", white Americans in general seem mostly ignorant, often stupid, self-centered, lazy and undisciplined, and vaguely fearful of anything unfamiliar. Observing them shopping and dining in their sports clothes and running shoes, one thinks of cattle or sheep. Our education system produces employees of various levels of competence but almost zero culture or sophistication. Their music (especially Country) makes me wish I were deaf and most of their women make me wish I were blind. 
Sid Cundiff's (in the comments) view of Americans as debased Englishmen is spot on; whenever I hear some moron complain about "the jews" I mentally substitute "the British" and it generally makes more sense. The British have been the cause of more human misery by orders of magnitude than anything "the jews" could possibly gin up, and now we seek to inherit their empire and even outdo them in evil and cynicism. Fortunately for the rest of the world we're too lazy and incompetent to do it. The very white George W has undone in seven years what took the British five centuries to screw up. White pride? "Fech!"

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