Sunday, October 14, 2007

british gopniks

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"Britain is the land of the Chav. It's Chavland, Chavistan, Chavskaya Federatsiya, the United Chavdom. A land of cultureless, junkfood-eating, malnourished, pasty white trash scum that can barely speak, let alone read, and forms the basis of one of the most odious cultures in the world - modern Britain. The chav is the king of the Binge Britain jungle.

What, exactly, is a chav? Difficult question. The word itself is relatively new, appearing three or four years ago. Some claim it stands of "Council House Average", others that it was thought up by posh girls at Cheltenham Ladies College to talk about the locals - "Cheltenham Average". But, suddenly, in 2004, I got off the Aeroflot flight from Moscow after a six-month break from the UK, and Britain had gone chav crazy."

"Sometimes Chavs not only forget their manners, but how to flip people off in British
It's weird how something is so terribly wrong with drinking culture in England; part of a Northern European phenomenon that tends to affect places where it's too cold to sit out on your pleasant cobbled central square and quaff a glass of chilled white wine while discussing existentialist philosophy. Spaniards, French, Italians - they might drink a lot, but at least they do it in a civilized manner. Brits just down as much booze as they can, before lumbering out of the pub and vomiting in the street. Looking for a fight, or just the first opportunity to pull his flick-knife on any language student with a half-decent mobile phone."

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